Politics and negotiations are some of the most important aspects of international business. It examines some of the most important factors, institutions and processes affecting international business and studies the political business environment, which has been especially volatile over the past five years. Here are some ideas:

Evaluation of the performance of global business teams in multinational corporations: the test of an intervening process model.

How does corporate governance affect internationalization, globalization and the performance of companies?

What kind of themes and images can create cross-cultural resonances and dissonances in an international classroom composed of diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds?

Can production for world markets help business groups mobilize collectively? Under what conditions does globalization allow the private sector to develop independent organizational bases and create effective relations with the State?

How different models of relationships between companies and governments affect industrial modernization processes: A case study of emerging economies.

How do multinational organizations cope with the increasing complexity of their management in the face of the increased power of non-governmental organizations?

A look at the effect brexit is likely to have on British businesses, especially medium-sized small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

How will Brexit impact the regulatory burden on large companies and corporations in the UK and Europe?

The relations between companies and governments within the framework of contingency theory: strategy, structure, adjustment and performance.

Dissertation Topics on Global Strategy for Business

Global business strategy focuses on understanding the main strategic issues that organizations face when operating as a global company. Specifically, the issues relate to three areas: understanding of global strategic analysis, formulation of a global strategy and development of sources of competitive advantage in a given company.

What are the risks and benefits of an international joint venture?

How should a business strategy be developed to expand a business in an international market?

Comparative study of mergers and acquisitions in the aviation sector: Case study of Qatar Airways’ joint venture with the International Airlines Group.

An investigation into the exit strategy of foreign venture capital investment in the international private business sector.

What are the business strategies and key success factors of financial holdings in the international environment?

How does an organization benefit from an effective supplier management strategy?

Why are some supplier relationships more successful than others?

Development of an effective framework for sharing and using knowledge in global project teams.

Can entrepreneurship be used as an effective management strategy within a business unit?

What effects will consumers’ increasing use of the online channel for fashion purchases have on the strategies used by UK clothing retailers?

Assessment of sustainable competitive advantage in the UK multi-market DIY sector.

Develop your own definition of logistics, which you think reflects how logistics is evolving and explains why you think it’s right for today and the next decade.

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Dissertation topics on technology management and innovation in companies

These topics consider the ways in which companies develop and implement technology as a strategy and integrate technological and innovative capabilities in support of their business operations. These topics mainly investigate the way in which technology has revolutionized the business environment, causing disruptions, new opportunities and challenges for companies.

It studies how business operations have improved as a result of innovation: Do they converge towards a universal approach?

What are the market challenges experienced by UK mobile telecommunications start-ups?

How will 5G impact the growth of digital consumer markets in the UK?

How does the online brand provide a competitive advantage in the digital age: a study of the consumer electronics industry?

A study on how ICT integration has transformed the procurement of goods and services.

Virtual Domain Building – A Comparative Study of Mergers, Acquisitions, and Strategic Alliances in Ecommerce: Case Studies from Amazon.com and eBay.

What are the technological factors surrounding the relationship between growth and the performance of organizations?

Study on the role of online marketing in creating global supply chain networks.

Study on how organizations suffer the negative effects of current technology.

What are the main factors influencing the success of online branding for businesses?

Evaluation of the role of social networks in global branding: cases of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Dissertation topics on corporate social responsibility

Governments, activists and the media have become adept at holding companies accountable for the social consequences of their actions. In response, corporate social responsibility has emerged as an inescapable priority for business leaders in all countries.

How does corporate social responsibility influence customer loyalty?

What is the role of staff training in the development and implementation of CSR competencies?

What are the key strategic decisions that companies face to improve their results in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility?

Does Corporate Social Responsibility improve the company’s reputation? A case study of Tesco.

What are the challenges facing ethical businesses in the UK to move into the mainstream?

How can companies benefit from adopting CSR practices with respect to climate change?

A study on the impact of green and lean practices on the performance of organizations.

How have environmental policies transformed CSR practices in organisations? The case of BAT

What are the effects of CSR on sustainability? The case of Coca Cola.

Dissertation topics on international human resources management

International Human Resource Management refers to activities that are designed to support organizations in managing human resources at the international level so that competitive advantage can be maintained both nationally and internationally. The area includes an understanding of cultural factors, both in terms of beliefs and attitudes of international employees and in relation to international labour law.

What are the benefits and challenges of intercultural teamwork in virtual environments and how these teams influence competitive advantage.

Virtual work environments became something of a norm during the pandemic. Will this also apply to the countries of origin of international companies?

What are the bases of employee engagement in terms of affective, normative and calculating commitment in a global multinational?

What are the effects of organizational transition on employee engagement in large multinational companies?

How do mergers impact employee motivation and engagement and how can the consequences be managed?

How can cultural differences be managed in international collaborative projects?

Can job exchanges between international workers improve intercultural work in multinational organizations?

What is the relationship between the three components of commitment to organizational change and the perception of the success of an organizational change?

What effect will the UK’s decision to leave the EU have on economic migrants, and how can this be managed through IWRM practices and policies?

Dissertation Topics on International Change Management

Change, at the organizational level, is vital for continuous innovation and the retention of competitive advantage. Therefore, understanding the different aspects of this topic is vital to raise awareness of existing views and practices to implement and manage change successfully, especially at the international level.

What internal and external factors have the greatest impact on employees in transnational mergers and acquisitions?

Change management in multicultural teams through technology and virtual project management: The impact of social understanding and the use of digital media.

What are going to be the biggest changes in work-at-home practices following the Coronavirus, and what impact will they have on employee retention?

Change management: Development of a framework linking planned strategies and unforeseen results.

Employee Adaptation During Organizational Change: The Role of organizational level and occupation

How can employee motivation levels be maintained during organizational restructuring?

Successful implementation of product lifecycle management: a research in the electronics manufacturing industry.

How power works through the management of emotions in organizational change: the management of emotions as power.

How can measuring work stress levels in individuals employed in a changing organization benefit?

Fostering gender equality in international companies: what role can change management approaches play in supporting greater female representation in traditionally male companies

Dissertation topics on leadership and innovation in business

Innovation has become a primary force driving companies’ growth, performance and valuation. However, there is sometimes a large gap between executives’ aspirations to innovate and their ability to execute. Many companies make the mistake of trying to stimulate innovation by resorting to unreliable best practices and organizational structures and processes.

What are the effects of team innovation and leadership clarity in organizations? A case study on health care.

Does the socio-cultural context moderate the relationship between leadership and the influence of senior management on innovation?

What are the effects of leadership style and team process on the performance and innovation of functionally heterogeneous teams?

An exploratory study on leadership, organizational culture and innovation capacity in a sample of non-profit organizations.

Is there a difference in leadership style between for-profit and non-profit organizations, and what are the reasons for this?

How do business leaders see their role in enabling innovation in large organizations?

Transformation or transaction? The role of leadership in supporting creativity at the individual level within organizations.

How exactly do leadership and innovation come together? How can a company lead in a way that generates innovation?

What are the key factors needed for a creative organization? How are the obstacles to the application of these factors overcome?

Organize creativity as a team: Creation of an organizational system for the collection of ideas for leadership and innovation.

Dissertation topics on globalization and business strategy in business

Globalization is a complex trend that encompasses many forces and many effects. Globalization has revolutionized the global market, as multinational companies renew their strategies to gain a competitive advantage. These topics evaluate different strategies adopted by companies to position themselves uniquely in the global market.

Analysis of the suitability and applicability of Porter’s Generic Strategies in light of emerging business trends and an unpredictable operating environment following the pandemic.

Does globalization have a future after the coronavirus pandemic?

How important is the integration of ICT as a business strategy?

How globalization has broken trade barriers and its impact on trade tariffs: the case of the BRIC countries.

What strategies do companies currently apply to meet the dynamic demands of consumers?

To what extent is consumer demand conditioned by business innovation? A comparative study of Apple and Samsung.

Assessment of the impact of globalisation on British companies operating both internationally and locally.

Does Brexit mean a setback in globalisation in the UK and Europe?

An examination of empowerment, conflict and corporate vision as factors in the development of global business strategies for multinational companies.

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