Effects of reading on the brain

We all know that reading can teach you data, and that knowing what's right at the right time helps you be more successful. But is that the only reason why almost every intelligent and successful person you can imagine? From Bill Gates to Barack Obama, they attribute...

Pacific Health Models Applied to Personal Well-Being

Pacific health and well-being models encompass the culture, values and beliefs of these peoples. Pacific Health is the balance of different factors/dimensions that include spiritual, cultural, and environmental factors in health (Sopoaga, 2011). The Pacific Concept of...

Fonofale Model of Health applied to Education

Devised by Samoan-born academic Fuimaono Karl Pulotu-Endemann, the Fonofale health model is a wellness system that recognizes and embraces Pacific perspectives. It was developed as a Pacific Island health model for use in the New Zealand context. According to New...
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