For starters, writing a civil engineering thesis can be a difficult task. Undoubtedly, it usually occupies several months of your life and demands that you spend countless hours in the library doing a unique research. In this regard, one way to facilitate its realization is to choose a thesis topic that really interests you.

First of all, the original ideas are always good, but you need to select a topic that you can work on for several months.

Secondly, the range of thesis topics in civil engineering is very wide. Therefore, the possibilities and diversity of civil engineering thesis topics and projects to choose from should be more than enough. However, after the selection, make your topic go through the usual approval of your teachers.

Topics for you to do your thesis in Civil Engineering

After selection, have your topic go through the usual approval of your teachers. Here are some of the main areas for you to choose your civil engineering thesis topic. Undoubtedly, these general areas will invite you to investigate further to present a more specific title.

Hydraulic engineering

Pavement engineering

Water Services

Structural and Civil Engineering Informatics

Construction engineering and management


Port and coastal engineering

Water treatment

Subtopics to consider

Similarly, these civil engineering degrees and thesis topics are in turn divided into several subtopics. Below are some of the most important subtopics for theses in civil engineering:

Mapping and risk classification

Bridge hydraulics

Flood mapping in urban environments

Flood Warning

River-level causeways and debris

Sustainable urban drainage systems

Hydraulics of dam spillways

River catchment works

Minimization of environmental impact

Energy dissipation structures

Climate change and land use

Sedimentation management in reservoirs

Erosion protection

Hydrodynamics of estuaries and lakes and salinity

Content of fly ash and its multiple uses

Design and analysis of nuclear power plants

Design and construction of retaining walls

List of thesis topics on General Civil Engineering

Below, we detail some thesis topics for General Civil Engineering:

Dynamic Inversion Study of Soil Mechanical Parameters

Study of fiberglass-reinforced compression elements filled with concrete

Characteristics of the acoustic emission of limestone after high temperatures

Research on the spatial analysis of stresses of a large underground project

Soap-free emulsion polymerization for sealing new buildings

Earthquake damage model on a rectangular tubular column filled with concrete

Analysis of the seismic behavior of a transmission tower system

Research on the system of steel stepped beams in RC slabs

Elastoplastic analysis of a large cross-linked shell structure under multisupport excitations

Study of soil fissures generated by liquefaction after an earthquake

List of bridge engineering thesis topics

Bridge engineering is a topic that has been present since the early twentieth century and without a doubt, it continues to be an area in which more and more innovation is made:

Effects of Truck Impacts on Bridge Stacks

Evaluation of the performance of existing bridges under the dynamic effects of vehicles

Thermal experiment of a reinforced approach pavement for a semi-integral bridge without joints

Design and propagation analysis of a new drop-down bridge section

Load transfer mechanism of a steel-concrete joint

Load transfer mechanism of a hybrid beam cable-stayed bridge

Long-term stress variation in a large, high-light continuous rigid structure bridge

List of Structural Engineering Thesis Topics

You can also consider topics related to structural engineering:

Hybrid simulations: Theory and applications

Engineered wood in cold climates

Mechanical properties and engineering applications of modern wood

Hybrid structural systems and innovative design method

Static analysis of an integrated steel structure building with wind turbines

Integrated houses of light steel structure

High Durability Low Carbon Housing Structure System

Integral Structure of Temporary Light Steel Buildings

Behavior of Beams Composed of Recycled Concrete Reinforced with Steel

Analysis of the joints between beams and pillars of steel structures

Design of a masonry basement of reinforced concrete blocks

Non-linear analysis of a new 3D stepped shear wall structure

Advances in civil infrastructure engineering

Mechanical behavior of an irregular Kiewitt dome structure

Study of the Shear Distribution Coefficient under Horizontal Force

Analysis of the nonlinear buckling of a suspended dome structure with large elliptical paraboloid

List of thesis topics on concrete technology

In addition to the areas that we have already mentioned, concrete technology is an area that undoubtedly presents greater and greater innovation:

Width of cracks in partially prestressed concrete beams

Thermal deformation of cement and asphalt mortar under repetitive heating and cooling

Compatibility between naphthalene-based superplasticizer and low-alkaline cement

Standard deviation of compressive strength of recycled concrete

Bending behavior of a fiber-reinforced mortar with low fiber content

Experimental study of carbonation in the concrete of hollow microspheres with thermal insulation

Mechanical properties of fibre-reinforced hybrid ferrocement

Study of the adhesion properties of textile-reinforced concrete

Bending behaviour of cold-rolled deformed steel bars on reinforced concrete slabs

Investigation of the durability of hollow microsphere concrete with thermal insulation

Rheological properties of room temperature curing epoxy adhesive

Behavior of modified asphalt pavement in steel roof

Analysis of volumetric deformation and creep properties of high-performance concrete C60

Analysis of the creep properties of high-performance concrete C60

Effects of mineral additives and superplasticizer on the control of the heat of hydration of cementitious materials

Application of intensification approaches in recycled aggregate

Modeling analysis of crack repair structures for asphalt concrete pavements

Analysis of the performance of the concrete used for the ballast-free track base plate

List of geotechnical engineering thesis topics

Here are some topics you can explore in the area of geotechnical engineering:

Finite element analysis of the vertical bearing capacity of individual piles

Study of the distribution characteristics of sandstone pores

Experimental study of the dynamic elastic properties of sediments carrying gas hydrates

Selection analysis of the enclosure structure for a deep foundation pit

Simplified models for assessing the period of site characteristics

Investigation of the mechanical character of the anchorage of a fully injected bolt

Creep properties of cross-linked red clay in staggered load creep tests

Application of BP neural networks in predicting damage from multilayer media penetration and blasting

Tests on vibrating table on structure reinforced with iron hook

List of transport, road and rail engineering thesis topics

Undoubtedly, transport, road and railway engineering is of wide interest to civil engineers:

Influence of the size of the cracks of the old concrete pavement on the tension of the asphalt layer

Research and application of hot recycled asphalt mixing

Analysis of the thermal stress of asphalt pavement on a poor concrete base

Assessment of the driver’s mental strain in snow pavement conditions

Evaluation of the low-temperature performance of asphalt mixtures with an analog experiment

Research on the purification capacity of porous asphalt pavement

Research and discussion on the application of artificial pile technology for viaducts

Evaluation of the influence of the environment on the vibrations of the meter

Influence of damaged pavement on the saturated road and the average speed of circulation of a stretch of urban road

List of Water Supply and Drainage Engineering Thesis Topics

In the same way, the engineering of water supply and drainage is an issue that is taking more and more boom:

Development of a new recovery material through solidification/stabilization of hazardous waste

Optimization and characteristics of copper pickling wastewater treatment

Enzymatic saccharification of pretreated cellulose from lignocellulosic biomass: Situation and prospects

Experiments on the evaporation of groundwater with high SD content in an arid zone

Reduction of excess sludge in wastewater treatment

Study on water saving and “zero trend” measures in a nylon chemical company

List of geological engineering thesis topics

Likewise, geological engineering is a very broad and very interesting topic:

Research on the detection of multi-step leaks in the dam by the temperature in the holes

Analysis of the stability of a rock slope with an overinclinated stratoid structure

Study on the reliability of the loess cutting slope

Characteristics of seismic geological disasters

Experimental study of the shear strength of unsaturated silty clay

Properties of emulsion and recycling of asphalt pavement recovered at room temperature

Here are other unique ideas you can consider

Below, you can explore other innovative titles that you will surely be interested in:

Air pollution and its control

How can large metropolitan areas be reformed or restructured to help control, for example, the rising rate of air pollution?

Disaster management

How do advances in civil engineering help improve disaster management in high-risk areas?

Innovations in geotechnical applications

How do these innovations pave the way for a tremendous change in the way we look at civil engineering?

Uses of flexible flooring

This engineering technology is being used in places where geology plays a more important role in terms of unstable soil. What other uses can it have?

Advances in pavement design

What advances over the past two decades have had the greatest effect on how cities are redeveloped?

Disaster recovery

How have recent events related to disaster response time affected?

Removal of arsenic from groundwater

What are the most effective methods of removing arsenic from city groundwater? What are the challenges in rural areas?

Bamboo as a building material

Recently progress has been made in the use of different and natural materials for construction. However, what place does bamboo occupy in all this?

Demolition of a building

Analyze the effectiveness of the destruction and demolition of large urban structures and their effect on traffic, safety, etc.

Prevention of breakdowns on the roads

How have highway collapses and catastrophes affected design improvement?

Groundwater pollution

More effective technologies to curb the increase in groundwater pollution.

Improved power quality

How can the design of power grids help improve the speed, supply and power of electricity to homes?

Solar grid development

If solar technology has improved to the point of being cheap for use in cities, then why haven’t cities developed more efficient grids?

Diversion of rainwater

What technologies can be used to divert rainwater to reservoirs to curb the effects of droughts?

Low-cost rural housing

How can improvements in water diversion, electricity networks, etc. for example reduce the costs associated with rural housing?

In conclusion, if you want to choose a topic, make sure that it has not been researched before by the experts. In addition, the subject itself must be quite crucial and demanding to be applied in the field. Finally, we want to highlight that we have an internal team of very well qualified professionals with very advanced academic degrees, master’s degrees and doctorates. Consequently, they will give your work all the attention it needs and guide you in all civil engineering topics for thesis and many more.

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Best Civil Engineering Thesis Topics: A List of Unique Ideas

The best civil engineering thesis topics: a list of unique ideas. Photo: Unsplash. Credits: Vasily Koloda @napr0tiv

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