The UGR researcher Francisco Amaro with his thesis, is one of the finalists for the prestigious “BJSM PhD Academy Awards”. It is awarded by the “British Journal of Sport Medicine”, the most important publication in the area of Sports Science.

Wednesday, 31 March 2021, 11:50

As has been traditional in the last 5 years, the “British Journal of Sport Medicine” (top 1 scientific journal in the area of Sports Sciences of the JCR, Impact Factor: 12.68) has nominated a total of 17 candidates from different universities around the world. This in order to award the ‘BJSM PhD Academy Awards’ to the best doctoral thesis in the field of Sports Medicine. It is the most prestigious international award for doctoral theses in the area.

Nomination for the first time of a thesis of a Spanish researcher

For the first time, a Spaniard has been nominated among the proposed candidates. This is the young doctor Francisco J. Amaro-Gahete, professor-researcher of the UGR. Francisco J. completed a bachelor’s degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences at the UGR (2013). He defended his doctoral thesis in the PhD program in Biomedicine of the International Graduate School also at the UGR (2019). Currently, he is attached to the Scientific Unit of Excellence in Exercise, Nutrition and Health led by Professor Jonatan R. Ruiz.

Francisco Amaro’s doctoral thesis is entitled “Exercise training increases levels of the anti-ageing Klotho protein: health-related cardiometabolic implications. The FIT-AGEING randomized controlled trial” (‘Physical exercise increases levels of the anti-aging protein Klotho: health-related cardiometabolic implications. The randomized controlled study FIT-AGEING’)

Research Objectives

The main objectives of his doctoral thesis were to study the association of plasma levels of Klotho protein with physical condition, energy metabolism and cardiometabolic health, and to study the effect of different physical exercise programs on plasma levels of Klotho protein, physical condition, energy metabolism and cardiometabolic health in middle-aged sedentary adults.

Thesis Results

The results of this dissertation suggest that the Klotho protein is a promising biomarker of longevity and cardiometabolic health that can be modulated by physical exercise in middle-aged sedentary adults.

In addition, although a PAR intervention improved plasma levels of Klotho protein and other aging-related health markers, a HIIT+ EMS program performed slightly better with less than half the training volume.

Since most people in developed countries do not comply with current international physical activity recommendations, largely due to lack of time, this type of training could be a good means to slow down the aging process and combat the onset of chronic cardiometabolic metabolic diseases.

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A doctoral thesis of the UGR is nominated for the first time among the 17 best in the world in the field of Sports Medicine

A doctoral thesis of the UGR is nominated for the first time among the 17 best in the world in the field of Sports Medicine


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