Choosing a topic for your master’s thesis is a very important step. It all depends, to a large extent, on your interests and abilities. During your studies you have surely discovered the areas of computer science that you are good at and which of them you plan to improve in the future. Before you embark on a topic search, consider the following suggestions to help you craft an initial strategy.

Suggestions when choosing a Master’s Thesis topic

First of all, you have to choose a good supervisor or academic advisor. It is very important that you collaborate with a teacher whose interests match your topic; otherwise, you will benefit little from the writing process. Ask questions and find out if previous students were satisfied with their supervision.

Introduction to Computer Science Dissertations

A master’s degree in Information and Communications Technology is designed to meet the requirements of people working as different professionals, such as academics, administrators and managers, technical staff, trainers and developers in the private or public sectors. A master’s degree in computer science combines theory and educational practice to create a learning experience that allows for the development of skills that can be applied to complicated real-world problems.

The MSc in Computer Science aims to improve knowledge of how computer systems, software and applications, as well as other forms of communication technologies, can be used to drive economic growth, improve learning capacity, encourage greater communication and socialisation and generally improve living standards.

Thinking about the subfields of computer science that interest you

When looking for a thesis topic, don’t just focus on the defended works. Again, ask your teacher to give you a list of current topics in the field of computer science that are underdeveloped. Your professors have deep experience and are aware of all directions of research conducted in their areas of scientific interest. They can suggest a great idea and help you put it into practice. Here are some ideas:

Programme structure (old and new programme structures)

Computer security (privacy and openness)

Relationships between hardware and software (adaptation of hardware to software)

Complexity theory (computational problems, mathematical questions)

Algorithms and architectures (machine learning, hardware architectures)

Artificial intelligence (computer systems capable of recognizing speech and making decisions)

Bioinformatics (modelling of human body processes)

Databases and information retrieval (collection of information and creation of easy access to it)

Multimedia (creative technologies, animation, graphics, audio)

Computational linguistics (natural language processing, machine translation, speech recognition)

You can also work in the following fields, which have been very popular in the Master’s Theses of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

Image Processing

Data Mining

Cloud Computing



Network Security

Service Computing [ Web Service ]

Social sensor networks

Software-defined networking

Software reengineering

Telecommunications Engineering

Text mining

Pixel per inch

Ad hoc network

Ad hoc vehicle network

Video streaming

Visual cryptography

Soft computing

Wireless body area network

No cables [Redes inalámbricas]

Wireless sensor networks


Natural language processing

Audio, voice and language processing

Brain-computer interface

Reliable and secure computing

Information security and forensics

Internet Computing

Learning technologies

Systems and cybernetics

Context-aware computing

Mobile Cloud Computing

Consider the following list of ideas according to the latest theses defended at the Technological Institute of Costa Rica

New methodologies in the teaching of computer science.

Measurement methods and software management.

Management of business processes and data.

Detection of traps in online games: a behavioral approach.

Information security and cryptography.

Real-time systems.

Route planning for tourism applications.

Data mining for environmental problems.

Real-time traffic data to model the impact of traffic accidents on the road network.

Computer-aided educational process.

Security in cloud computing.

Optical character recognition.

Search and rescue robots: movement and trajectory planning.

Computational neurobiology.

Computer DNA analysis.

Examples of topic ideas for a Master’s Thesis in Computer Science project

Taking into consideration, the ideas presented above, here are the following examples:

A study to evaluate the challenges and benefits of using robotics in the offer of services.

Artificial intelligence is being used to develop automatic robotics, such as robots used in Japan to care for older adults. This study will evaluate the challenges and benefits associated with the use of robots in the provision of services.

Impact of virtual reality systems on product promotion

Virtual reality technology has made it possible to develop a 3D environment with which people can interact as if it were a physical environment. This study will examine how the introduction of virtual reality has led to the growth of product promotion. The research will also examine the benefits in terms of costs and how the technology can be adopted in a company for use in product promotion.

Improve mobile battery life and processing power through cloud computing

The battery life of mobile phones in many of the smartphones on the market today is between two and twelve hours. This has become a major setback for the use of mobile technology, especially in areas where there are no electrical connections. This study will assess how cloud computing technology could be used to improve the battery life of mobile phones, testing the processing power of smartphones.

Integration of natural language processing in Microsoft office.

Microsoft office is very popular for its efficient services, especially in writing. However, its use is limited to people who understand the use of computers and is limited in common languages. This study will examine how natural language processing could be used to integrate indigenous language into Microsoft’s office suite.

Use of big data analytics in the detection of irresponsible use of social networks

The innovation of big data analytics (BDA) has helped many companies process real-time data from multiple sources. This has made it possible to improve the decision-making procedure and monitoring processes. This study will examine how BDA could be used in a company to control irresponsible social media use.

Assessment of the effects of database security mechanisms on system performance

Security mechanisms are very important for any database because they help detect and prevent any form of cyberattack. However, some security mechanisms have overhead costs or performance issues that slow down service delivery. This study will examine how the security mechanisms of database systems affect the performance of systems.

Remember that computer science is widely used today in different fields. Its application ranges from physics and medicine to education and entertainment. You can focus on the theoretical part of a certain topic or present your ideas about the practical use of a specific program.

An overview of various business stimulation tools; assessment of its impact on student learning in tertiary business school

Information and communication technologies have greatly improved the efficiency of business processes, making the functions of the organization more effective. Multimedia advances have also provided stronger platforms for information sharing, socialization and entertainment. Business process designs and multimedia information systems are key research areas in information and communication technologies.

M-Government; benefits and outcomes of mobile government for connected societies

Multi-agent systems allow for a higher level of collaboration between multiple agents working together to achieve a common goal. Coinciding with advances in the field of artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems are moving towards a higher level of adaptability. Stimulation programs are also an important stream of intelligent computer programs that aim to work in highly complex scenarios.

Encouraging the use of e-commerce in Saudi Arabia in light of existing challenges

The growing power of the Internet, software as a service (SAAS) is a booming trend that opens up many new research opportunities.

Implications of cloud computing for the multimedia industry

With the advancement of information and communication technologies, security remains one of the biggest concerns and also an important field of research.

Interpretation of information systems security management

The security management of information systems is evaluated according to the business environment, the organizational culture, the expectations and obligations of the different roles, the meanings of the different actions and the related behavioral patterns. The results of the two case studies show that inadequate analysis, design and management of computer-based information systems affect the integrity and integrity of an organization. As a result, the likelihood of adverse events occurs increases. In such an environment, it is very likely that security measures will be ignored or inadequate for the real needs of an organization. Therefore, what is needed is consistency between computer-based information systems and the business environment in which they are integrated.

A framework for assessing the quality of customer information

This thesis addresses a widespread, significant and persistent problem in the practice of information systems: the lack of investment in the quality of information about customers. Many organizations need clear financial models to undertake investments in their information systems and related processes. However, there are no widely accepted approaches to rigorously articulate the costs and benefits of potential improvements in the quality of customer information. This can result in low-quality customer information that impacts the broader goals of the organization.

Problematizing the digital divide: Cultural and social reproduction in a community technology initiative

Knowledge and power, experience and authority, represented by experts and formal leaders, have to come together to make work efficient. Autonomy and power become fundamental issues, with the key concepts being social value, function and visibility. Actors must be visible and make their work visible. Information systems should support work in various ways and across the organization, contributing to visibility and autonomy. These criteria are likely to be applicable not only in military contexts, but also in other types of management work.

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A list of master's thesis topics in computer science

A list of master’s thesis topics in computer science. Photo: Unsplash. Credits: Austin Distel @austindistel

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