Nothing stopped his desires to overcome. Professor Alejandro Anastasio (43) has become the pride of the entire region Loreto in Peru. He successfully support his professional thesis on board the PIAS Río Yavarí vessel of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion. With a lot of commitment, the professional unleashed the joy of the native community Unión Familiar, in the Loreto province of Mariscal Ramón Castilla.

“Today is an important day for me. I made this dream come true of having the professional degree of bachelor in Primary Education after a path full of sacrifice and hard work for me and my family,” he said.

Who is Professor Alejandro Anastasio

Alejandro is a teacher at the Buen Suceso school, located in the remote native community unión Familiar, province of Mariscal Ramón Castilla, where the PIAS Río Yaraví ship arrived to provide social assistance.

During this year, Alejandro said that he dedicated his time to teaching classes and developing his thesis in the city of Iquitos. “I have made long trips of up to six days between going to and from the capital of Loreto, in addition my boys stopped their studies,” he revealed.

Given the proximity of the date of the virtual support, he went to the itinerant platform managed by the National PAIS Program of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis), in search of support and to have an Internet access point.

Immediately, the manager and the commander of the Navy ship provided him with a private environment, a laptop and connectivity so that he can make his presentation without any inconvenience.

On board the PIAS Río Yavarí and after an hour and a half of support, Alejandro managed to obtain the degree of Bachelor of Primary Education. He took the characteristic oath in front of the jury of the Universidad Alas Peruanas through the laptop screen.

“The platform arrived at an opportune time, otherwise I would have had to travel to Iquitos. We do not know much about the technology and thanks to the support of the manager everything has gone very well. Thank you all very much for the support,”he said.

The importance of the PIAS spacecraft

The manager of the PAIS Program, Juan Álvarez, highlighted Alejandro’s effort. In the same way, he praised the commitment assumed in this third campaign to strengthen internet connectivity to areas so far from Loreto.

“This is an example of how important Internet access is in native communities. In addition to providing banking procedures, the payment of bonds and the various procedures of the DNI, now we have also contributed for the first time in the Yavarí River basin, to higher educational inclusion,” he said.

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Native community professor supported and approved his thesis on a traveling ship

A native community professor, he supported and approved his thesis on a traveling ship. Photo: Unsplash. Credits: Dylan McLeod

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