The Paraguayan priest Adrián Medina defended his doctoral thesis in Canon Law at the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome. His research had as its theme “The presumptive and judicial evidence in Roman rotal jurisprudence on the issue of exclusion of bonum coniugum”. He earned the Summa Qum Laude rating, the highest distinction.

What is Canon Law?

First, Canon Law is a juridical science that studies and develops the regulation of the Catholic Church. It encompasses three concepts: its purpose, its legal character and its scientific autonomy. Also, it is endowed with an organization and order based on the canons or conciliar agreements. It has its own courts, lawyers, jurisprudence, two fully articulated codes and even general principles of law.

“My thesis understands marriage law, it talks about everything that marriage means and its evolution, how marriage was from the sacred scriptures, from Genesis, how God created man and woman. Bonum coniugm means the property of the spouses in Latin, either in doctrine or in jurisprudence it still does not offer a legal definition, “explained the father in communication with La Nación.

Who is the priest Adrián Medina?

Medina, a very humble person, dedicated the achievement to his parents, who are dedicated to agriculture in the countryside in the area of Loreto, Concepción, and who with much sacrifice always fought to get it ahead. Father Adrian was close to Pope Francis on many occasions, as he belongs to the Pope’s university. Soon he would be returning to his country and showed his joy of tasting the chipa, a typical sweet of Uruguay.

He also recalled that through scholarships he was able to carry out his studies in Canon Law, with the aim of becoming a qualified expert at the service of his diocese. He celebrated that all the effort to develop the research, which are reflected in hours without sleep and working full time, paid off.


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Thesis of Paraguayan priest in Canon Law obtained the highest qualification in Rome

Thesis of Paraguayan priest in Canon Law obtained the highest qualification in Rome. Photo: Unsplash. Credits: Barry Bibbs @phillytex

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