Evelin Hipólito is a young Mexican woman who sold sweets to pay for expenses as a student at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering at the Universidad Veracruzana,Coatzacoalcos campus.

After five years of studies, on June 23, 2021 the university presented her with her degree and she shared the emotional moment on her social networks.

“It was 5 years of the Uni of which 3 I took my briefcase with sweets. And with great pride because thanks to it and To God I was able to fulfill many dreams and goals. Also thanks to those who made me the expense…”, he wrote on his social network.

In a total of 17 photographs the young woman reflected the step by step that she followed until she received the title that certified her as a chemical engineer.

First the young student is seen arriving at the university campus. Then he is in the administrative area waiting to receive the title. When he receives it he poses with it in different places of the faculty, such as the bathroom, the green areas, the corridors and even in the “little bench” in which he sold sweets to pay for his university career.

In one of the images Evelin shares the moment she hugs her mother.

To celebrate, the sequence of photos shows that she is going to eat at a restaurant.

However, the joy of the young student, now a graduate, is such that she posted photographs accompanied by phrases such as: “In the restaurant with my title.” “Choosing that we’re going to eat with my title.” “Eating, with my title.”

As of 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 29, 2021, Evelin’s post on her Facebook account reaches 11,000 reactions, 2,800 comments and 13,000 shared.

Internet users did not hesitate to congratulate her on her achievement.

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Young student who sold sweets to pay for her university, receives her degree as an Engineer

A young student who sold candy to pay for her university, she receives her degree as an Engineer. Photo: Unsplash. Credits: The Climate Reality Project @climatereality

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