In the methodological field, they are standards to cite academic bibliographic references. It is of the utmost importance, given that these are guidelines that allow coding several components of this type of writing.

Thus, the standards for citing authors in written works are intended to make more easy the reading comprehension of academic texts.

What are the Academic Writing Standards for?

This set of standards to cite bibliography in Thesis and other academic works, allows that a structural level consistency can be preserved in these texts. These facilitate the disposition of each part that will be developed.

Some of the procedures that are vital in these works such as: the implementation of quotes from other authors (either literally or through paraphrase), the organization of a scheme. Also, we have to consider the manner in which the annexes should be used, among others, maintain cohesion when using them standards to quote correctly .

As well, The Academic Writing Standards also serve as a guide in regard to some Formal Aspects of Writing that should be present in academic works.

This is due to the fact that by providing these bases, this type of academic writing will acquire a foundation. They will give a body to the organization and legibility they must have.

Know about some of the most important Academic Writing Standards


The APA standardsare a set of rules that were created in 1929. In their first manual written by anthropologists, psychologists and negotiation administrators, they wanted to establish parameters to unify academic writing criteria .

These standards to quote research, constitute a set of universal rules to carry out a thesis and other academic works. It includes citation processes, bibliographic references, as well as the inherent presentation format of these writings.


The Chicago Manual of Style, known in Spanish as Manual de estilo de Chicago, was a book published by the University of Chicago Press in 1906.

This manual of standards to quote Chicago, has guides and tips on grammar, spelling and typography of the English language (in its American variation). It also has dialogues, citations or bibliographical references and even aspects concerning the edition.


The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is an international scientific association of engineers and technicians. They especially dedicated to standardization, as well as what concerns the development of the technical areas that contribute to the improvement of new technologies. They created the IEEE style.

In this way, this is a methodological style used by professionals in the technological area. It helps to define some standards to quote IEEE, existing models for all kinds of documents.


It is known as UNE-ISO 690 Information and documentation. Guidelines for writing bibliographic references and information resource quotes,. They are a set of rules where the basic guidelines for preparing bibliographic references of published materials are established.

In these standards to quote ISO bibliography, are covered references of materials such as monographs, articles of publications. Includes other texts that have been published in printed or unprinted form, without registration when it comes to references of manuscripts, unpublished materials, or legal citations.


Vancouver standards to quote scientific articles, are a style of Uniformity Requirements for Manuscripts Sent to Biomedical Magazines , that have been used to carry out scientific research inherent in the area of health.

Esta normativa fue creada en la ciudad canadiense de Vancouver, en vista de que un grupo de médicos que se conoce como el Grupo de Vancouver, quiso establecer unos criterios académicos para que hubiese uniformidad en el formato de sus publicaciones.

In this way, when these studies and researches were sent to scientific journals in the area of Medicine, by taking these standards to quote authors in written works, they could maintain equality regarding the guidelines for editing these academic texts.

Where can I learn to use the Academic Writing Standards?

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