Data presentation is a very important factor in research activities. From business to financial and commercial activities, data reporting goes hand in hand with data analysis and is essential in all jobs of daily life.

Basics of how data reporting works

Reporting and data analysis is a very important factor in the daily activities of life. From business to financial and commercial activities. Data reporting goes hand in hand with data analysis and is essential in all of life's jobs. Data processing is the idea of ​​collecting data, analyzing, processing, and submitting data that provides a walk-through to accurate facts and figures. Facts and figures have a way of affecting and addressing decision makers in general and the public, just like during elections and during product testing at science fairs.

Inaccurate stress reports can lead to misinformation and disrupt decision making. From the census to electoral processes, hundreds of officials are employed to carry out these tasks in a viable manner. Student data, worker data, hospital data are used for management and also for duty functionality. Certain skills are required of a data analyst based on the purpose of the required data. So what is the reporting ability and purpose of data reporting?

What are data presentation skills?

The reporting skills were done in different areas based on the pride in which the analysis is needed. The main skills are: ability to collect, process, analyze, correct, organize and report recorded data from a certain number of people. A data reporting analyst should be good at calculations with little or no error in the log, the data analysis report should be easy to understand no matter how complex, you should have backups for each data record, you should have knowledge about feasibility and recording.

These skills are essential especially for a software engineer, comprehensive data reporting and agile project management are first-rate skills in data processing. Data reporting analysts are responsible for processing the data and making sure it is embedded in an easy-to-understand platform. Data reporting skills are not restricted to professionals and should be learned by everyone.

What is data in report writing?

The data can be said to be figures and files collected awaiting processing, analysis and submission for your designated proposal. Data is very important in reports, as it is the basis of the information that will form the report. A data report, therefore, is a technical document that is organized for your understanding and for the purpose of assisting management. Samples of such white papers can be found in Whatagraph Marketing Report Samples that could be used by commercial agencies and marketers.

The data can be disseminated through the type of food, the date of birth, the courses, the transactions, the property, the attendance, the materials, it is widely disseminated. Therefore, data reporting is important as it is the designation of everything that is run. Just a schedule, a bio-data, even a game are all a function of data. Programmers, marketers, schools, churches, government usage data. Taxes, families, exercise, science require data. It is clearly in the information and the information is knowledge as long as it is documented in a way that is easy to read and understand.

What is the purpose of reporting?

Data reporting is the threshold of any organization. An organization does not have to be directly involved in financial transactions before data can be collected. Data presentation is primarily for accountability, management and organization purposes. Reports do not necessarily have to be logged when an event occurs, data reports can be taken over time for functionality. Data reports are used for academic research, scientific innovations, business transactions, including personal data, census and tax records, business intelligence, buildings and constructions, electoral processes, etc.

The data can be collected in different ways. It can be in the form of a questionnaire, online form, medical form, physical scrutiny, voting, voting, physical form filling, it depends on the data sources. It is very common for companies to use ad hoc reports to predict the next 5 or 10 steps. Research and innovations are easier and more feasible with raw data analysis. These reports cover various topics, but the end point and purpose of the data analytics reports is to convey information on a workable platform. Data reporting extends to all areas of life, be it professional, informal, social, emotional, financial, and academic.

Steps to improve data presentation

Define the target audience for data reports

Data reporting is about presenting data to a specific group of people. Therefore, the first step is to clarify the objects in the report, organize the content and structure from the perspective of the objects, and highlight the focus of each module in the report. For example, if data presentation is for managers, such as routine product line reports or new product performance, what needs to be highlighted in data reporting is whether the key indicators have met expectations.

Based on this, a deeper analysis of why the performance is good or where the problem is can be done to summarize the team improvement plan. If data reports are for team members, the focus of the report is to discover the problem and propose improvement plans to power the team with data. If the report is for the public, it generally focuses on results and trends rather than processes. This is the paradigm of the reports that consultants publish publicly.

Clarify what the basic indicator is

For example, managers in each department would like to have a comprehensive view of the company's business performance. Also, the performance of each department. Perhaps you need to ask yourself what are the basic indicators to show what is happening in the company and the departments. For the company, net earnings, sales, accounts receivable, and stocks are the key index. While for departments, they need to pay attention to the monthly completion rate in terms of gross profit and net profit.

Determine how to measure the basic indicator

Clarifying how to measure the KPIs you determined is equally crucial so that you can run an intuitive report.

Time: What is the time frame? Annually, quarterly or monthly?

Comparison: Compare the gross profit for each year? Or compare the gross profit of each department?

Unit: What is the unit of measurement?

Proportional dimension: For example, what are the sales of each department? What products are more profitable?

Prepare data sources

With the target audience defined and its core indicators in place, now is the time to prepare the data presentation. There are multiple data sources, and it is necessary to select stable and reliable data sources according to the needs of the different indicators. Much of this data comes from various sources. Once you have chosen your data sets, the integration of data from separate business systems can be done in a data reporting tool such as FineReport, which can avoid manual error and save time.

It should be noted that for data related to money, such as net profit, accounts receivable in this case, etc., there must be a strict reconciliation system to verify and reconcile accounts. If there is an abnormal fluctuation in one data source, you can perform a comparative analysis with the help of another data source. If both sides have the same direction and the same range of fluctuation, it must be analyzed from a business perspective.But  If there is a big difference between the two sides, there is probably something wrong with the data source.

Choose the right graphics

The selection of chart types based on the report approach is the principle of data reporting. For example, a bar chart can show volume change, a line chart can show trend, and the cluster bar chart can compare the same index for different businesses.

Make reports visually stunning

The excellent graphical effects in the innovative reporting tools have greatly improved the visual experience of data reports. However, to design perfect data reports, you must also choose the color scheme for data visualization.

Best tools to create presentations

Data presentation in various industries

People like the visual and sensational impact. Visual content can have a greater impact in a short period of time. Studies have shown that the brain processes visual content up to 60,000 times faster than text content. So if you want your data report to stand out and grab people's attention at the same time, you need to add more data visualization elements to your data report.


When data reporting was made up of a jumble of scribbled numbers, we couldn't imagine technology would have revolutionized data presentation - beautiful, convenient, and tightly integrated with multiple systems. Today, data reporting has been the foundation of data decisions, and it has also been closely related to data analysis and business intelligence to help us uncover insights into our business.

Reporting data should always be backed up, regardless of source availability. With the advent of technology, a number of software programs have been created to facilitate the presentation of data. Now you can back up your data to computers and to the cloud. Calculations can be performed without errors on the computer and research is done online. The data reports are not limited to figures, they can even be as small as symbols, but they have the same level of importance.

Data presentation

Data presentation


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