It's easy to see how PowerPoint became an industry standard for presentations. It was one of the first tools to offer customizable and easy-to-use templates, a huge plus for non-designers. But when it comes to design, PowerPoint isn't always the most attractive presentation platform or software. Templates encourage endless bullets, which can seem tedious after multiple slides, and styles are often boring, with muted colors and little animation.

If you turn to PowerPoint file templates too often, your presentations will lack the impact you want. To create a powerful and dynamic presentation, you need software with more capabilities. Thus, when creating a presentation, it is important that you use the right tools. Once you have them, you can become a master in all types of presentations.

Best for individual presentations: Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint es la plataforma de presentación más utilizada en el mundo. Creada por Microsoft en 1987, esta herramienta se ha convertido en el programa ideal para quienes buscan hacer exposiciones de cualquier estilo. Con estilos incorporados y funciones fáciles de usar, PowerPoint lo hace todo. Aunque este es el Rey de las Presentaciones, ahora hay muchas otras plataformas disponibles.

Best for Group Presentations: Google Slides

This online presentation software allows users to not only create and edit presentations, but also share them with others. All content is securely stored in the cloud, ensuring work is not lost. The best thing about this tool is the sharing function. Multiple people can edit the slides to make group work very easy. Each person can edit their individual content, all while maintaining the same style, font, and presentation. Google Slides is free to use so that everyone with a Google account can work immediately.

Best for organizing detailed presentations: Slidebean

Many presentations are heavy on details like charts, numbers, lists, and metrics. However, all of this can be too overwhelming. SlideBean is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to organize your slides so that they are not only pleasant to see but also easy to understand. The system analyzes the content and makes optimized decisions to design your slides. With a variety of pricing plans available, you can find one that suits your needs.

Best for creating amazing designs: Design Wizard

Being creative with your presentation is one of the most enjoyable aspects for the audience. Choosing a color scheme and design while presenting good images and animations can be a lot of fun and exciting. Design Wizard is online graphic design software that allows users to create professional presentation slides in minutes. With millions of premium photos and videos and the ability to upload your own assets, preparing for a speech has never been easier.

With free templates and free trial templates that you can customize, this platform is incredibly easy to use. What you use to create a presentation can be a decisive decision. Once you know what the purpose of the presentation is and where you are going to present, you can choose the tool that is best for you. There are many free versions, so don't worry about investing large amounts of money.

Creating presentations from Scratch: Visme

Visme is an excellent presentation application if you are creating a slide show from scratch. It has a variety of clean and elegant templates. You can also choose between color palettes for each theme or create your own color palette. There are different types of slides within each template. For example, if you choose to add a testimonial slide template to your slide show, you can choose from several different styles depending on the theme.

Visme presents a large selection of icons, graphics and royalty-free images to fix the presentation. If the text or graphic format doesn't suit your needs, Visme's prebuilt text and graphic boxes have a wide variety of format styles for your taste. With a paid plan, you can share your slide show through a private link, collaborate with team members, download your presentation to several different file formats, and even get analysis of page views when you make your presentation public.

For video presentations: Vyond

Across industries, video has been shown to grab attention and engage better than most media. Videos are known to increase people's understanding of a product or service by drastic margins. Vyond puts the power of video in everyone's hands, everywhere. The platform provides anyone, regardless of their production skill level, the tools they need to create powerful and dynamic media. With features that go beyond moving text and images, you can create character-based stories or compelling data visualizations that engage audiences and deliver results.

For artistic presentations: Ludus

At the other end of the spectrum, Ludus is for creative people who consider presentation apps to be limited and want their slide show to be a work of art. Ludus really shines with his third party integrations. From YouTube and GIPHY to Google Fonts and Figma, so you can extract content from other sources to create an amazing presentation. Graphic designers will especially love Ludus. You can edit and separate SVG files, upload your own font files, or even copy and paste Sketch and Adobe Illustrator files.

There are also some pretty advanced features that any web designer or illustrator would be familiar with, such as gradients and code blocks, making it a good choice for graphic designers, art directors, user experience designers, and the like. But you don't have to be a Photoshop professional to use these features; Ludus begins new users with a guided tutorial, which gently introduces some of its more complex features. Paid plans allow you to password protect your files, use a remote control, share and collaborate as a team, and even embed in Medium and Notion.

Creating online presentations: FlowVella

If your presentation is going to be in a booth for a conference or other exhibition, you may have a whole host of potential issues: faulty WiFi, a device that goes to sleep after a few minutes of inactivity, among others. FlowVella solves that problem with its Kiosk Mode: turn your slide show into a portable version of a digital billboard. Your presentation is protected with a PIN, so you don't have to worry about a stagnant slide show or, even worse, an assistant accidentally closing it.

Like the other presentation apps, it has a huge selection of templates to choose from. But unlike them, it also indicates when a template is optimized for mobile devices or widescreen displays. This is because FlowVella was designed to be portable, so you don't have to worry about a photo gallery showing your product being interrupted by your iPad.

Designed slides: Slidebean

If you want a beautiful presentation but don't have an eye for design, or just want to skip the tedium of formatting slides, Slidebean is for you. You have two options to build your presentation: choose a template to start building or start by writing a summary of your presentation. If you start with an outline, you select your topic later and Slidebean will create a presentation for you, complete with the format.

Use any of the pre-existing color palettes, or if the color is not your thing, Slidebean will generate a color palette from a URL. The best part of Slidebean is how it uses artificial intelligence throughout the product. You can choose to rearrange your slide order, or the individual elements within a slide, to bring the most attractive parts to the front and center. It is an effective way to make professional presentations faster than you could in most other presentation applications.

The Apple Tool: Keynote

Sometimes we may not like the standard software that is built into computers, but Keynote is an exception. The Apple app comes free with every new Apple device and is similar to a simplified PowerPoint packed with beautiful templates and typography. You can use it online with or even on a PC. Or move your Keynote to iCloud to share with others to view or edit. You can also save them to a PowerPoint file if necessary. Keynote is best known for its smooth animations, with enough customization options. When you're ready to present, you can use an iPhone to remotely control your presentation from your Mac, or present it online for free with Keynote Live streaming.


The latest presentation applications have made it easier than ever to format slides and create professional-looking slides. Even PowerPoint alternatives like Keynote have updated key features to make it easier than ever to collaborate and create slides quickly, so you can spend more time preparing for your actual presentation. The latest generation of online presentation tools also goes beyond the classic slide show experience, with new features to keep your audience's attention.

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Tools for creating presentations

Tools for creating presentations

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