The ICONTEC regulation are rules that a company in Colombia makes to have a special organization, with special requirements, when writing an essay. It should be used when required because there are other standards such as I.B. When this Icontec regulation is used, the work will be well organized, just as when other drafting rules are used.

Rules of the ICONTEC Regulation

Some rules of the ICONTEC regulation are:

  • Use “Arial 12”.
  • Each title must be capitalized and bolded.
  • Page numbers should start at the introduction.
  • The page numbers should thus be done 2/7, indicating the page number and the number of pages.
  • The meaning of any foreign word should be put at the bottom of the page.
  • Also, the page must be letter-sized
  • The margins of the main pages should be, at the top 3 cm, at the bottom 3 cm, on the right 2 cm and on the left 4 cm.

The cover must have:

  • Text must be centered
  • Full title of the work
  • Author’s name(s)
  • Name of institution, section, area, city and year
  • Margins: it follows the rules of the margins indicated in previous lines, but we must also take into account that it has the header, so the margin “above” is 4cm.
  • Headline: at the top of the cover should be written the title of the work or project (centered).
  • Second line: in the central part of the cover should be written the full names of the author or authors (centered).
  • On the third line, at the bottom of the cover, should be written the:
    • Name of the institution
    • Faculty, Department
    • Dependency, Section and Area, centered and in the same order.
    • city
    • year

Title page

  • Text is centered
  • Title of the work
  • Author’s name
  • Type of document (extended essay, monograph, etc.)
  • Name of the work and its occupation

Contents index, image list, and table list

Table of Contents: Titles within the document (introduction, body, etc.), and the page number on which they are located.

Image List: The number of the image and its full name, followed by the page number it is on.

List of Tables: The same as with images

Remember: to have a content index, a list of images, and a list of organized tables, do them by creating a table, placing the information, and then raising the margins.


To facilitate the binding and reproduction of the document, the following margins should be preserved:

  • Up 3cm (pages with headline have a margin of 4cm).
  • Left 4cm.
  • Right 2cm.
  • Down 3cm.

The title of each chapter begins with a separate page, starting 4cm from the top edge.

The text is written from an interline and the titles are separated from their respective contents with double interline.


Give a general idea of the topic you have chosen

Summary of the main points

Body paragraphs

Everyone has a main idea that rests on the rest of the paragraph.


Give your own point of view

You can speak in the first person

Brief summary of what has been said in the text

Give a concluding sentence

It starts with words like: finally, summarize, conclude, etc.


Correctly cite the sources of information. Printed material (books, brochures, newspapers, magazines and other sources) sought by the researcher to support his work. Their inclusion is mandatory in all research work. Each bibliographic reference begins against the left margin.

The bibliographic references that make up the bibliography are sorted alphabetically, according to the middle name of the authors of the search, or the titles, when the author does not appear or is anonymous.

When there are more references from the same author, they are sorted by titles, and the author’s name is only written in the first reference.

For subsequent references, only eight lines are put in place of the name as long as it is not the first reference on the page.

In the event that the author and the title are repeated, it is organized by date by putting, first the most recent edition, and these two elements (author, title) are replaced by eight lines, repeating the punctuation.

When the reference occupies more than two interlines, the second and next interlines are written from an interline in the left margin, and two interlines are left between the references.

Table of Contents

Margins; it follows the rules of margins, but has headline so the margin “up” is 4cm.

Headline: “CONTENT” (centered) should be written at the top of the index.


CONTENT (centered)

-2 interlines

page. (right part of the page)

-2 interlines

INTRODUCTION (left part of the page) 3(respective page number on the right)

– 2 interlines

  1. TITLE OF THE FIRST LEVEL (chapter title) 8

– 2 interlines


-2 interlines


-2 interlines


-2 interlines


-2 interlines


-2 interlines


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ICONTEC Standards

ICONTEC Standards. Photo: Unsplash. Credits: Kojo Kwarteng @cwojo

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