There is no doubt that pets give us unforgettable moments. They include some very funny ones. However, when they die they can leave us sad about their departure. Walter Pequeño Salas, a young psychology student in Peru decided to do his thesis on the death of his pet named Captain Morgan.

Walter and his pet Captain Morgan

The story of Walter and Captain Morgan has gone viral on social media as it has captivated many. After the death of his pet, Walter Pequeño Salas was very sad. But he decided to analyze what the owners of dogs or cats live when they die.

The student of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru honored the memory of his mascot with the thesis he made. He published it on Facebook, a social network through which it began to circulate and quickly went viral because many people identified with the subject. In the Facebook post, Walter Pequeño Salas told the reason why he decided to do his thesis on the death of pets.

“I present my thesis: Subjective experience on the process of mourning in the face of the loss of a pet. As the name implies, I decided to investigate the experience of grief that many of us have gone through when losing our animal companion.”

Walter mentioned in the Facebook post that after Captain Morgan’s death he felt a void as he would not see his pet again.

How the idea was born

“The idea was born when I lost my best friend. Captain Morgan left my life leaving a big void in me, which no other person or pet could fill. The things I felt when he died, how hard it was to accept that I wouldn’t see him again and have to adjust to life without him.”

“If my grief was significant Why were there people telling me that it was only a dog or that it wasn’t for so much? Little by little I was shaping the idea, seeing other cases of people losing their pets and delving into what they felt, how some could openly acknowledge their grief and others preferred to live it in silence,” he explained.

The young man commented that the subject of his theses is pioneering in his country and that little work has been done around it in Latin America.

“I share my thesis because I am proud of it, but, above all, I share it because it is an issue that must be made visible by society. We must be aware of how significant grief can be in the face of the loss of a pet, how harmful it can be not to validate it in people who go through it and get closer to better understanding grief in general, so necessary in the context we are living”.

Because his thesis has been shared on Facebook more than 10 thousand times and several media outlets have published the story of Walter and Captain Morgan, the young man thanked the support on Instagram.

“Thank you. I still can not believe everything that is happening and how my thesis went viral (…), thank you to all who are sharing it, thank you to all those who are spreading the information, thank you all for your greetings, for your words of encouragement, for the messages, thank you for sharing your experiences, thank you because we are no longer just Morgan and I in this , are thousands of people who are counting that they have gone through the same thing.”

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