Founded in mid-June of the year 1888, the Universidad Pontificia Católica de Chile, also known as the PUC Chile and / or by its abbreviation UC, is part of a total of 6 higher-level educational institutions located throughout the Chilean territory. It has 34 schools distributed in 18 faculties. It is considered by many as a complex institution.

Careers at UC

Within its faculties are the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry Engineering, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Studies. It has a total of 4 campuses located in the City of Santiago, among which it is worth mentioning the East Campus, inaugurated in mid-1971, and the Lo Contador Campus, built in 1780. The university has a very well trained staff; professionals specialized in each area. It also has internet service in all its facilities, and its structure covers more than 190,000 m2, this includes a sports area, services, research and recreation.

UC methodology

The methodology used at UC to carry out the degree thesis at the Universidad Pontificia Católica de Chile is presented in 4 phases:

  • Phase 1 (Introduction and Hypothesis)

After passing the title of the degree work at UC, one of the first points to develop is the introduction. This includes the antecedents and / or works that will “give value to” the research in progress, of course, these must be closely related to the topic to be worked on. This section must also include the current problem and what result the degree work would produce. It is important that the problem is very well conceptualized, and at the end explain in detail the purpose of the issue raised, this in conclusion. On the other hand, in the hypothesis, the possible proposals both for the execution of the degree project and the results that they provided must be made known, in order to discard those that are not viable, or that limit the completion of the thesis.

  • Phase 2 (General Objective and Specific Objectives)

They are the activities that will be carried out to complete the degree work at UC. The general objective should make known the existing problem, while the specific objectives the activities and / or tasks to be carried out, not only to demonstrate that there is a problem but also to find their respective solutions. It is relevant to mention that the specific objectives must start from the main idea (general objective) and this in turn from the hypothesis raised and the introduction.

  • Phase 3 (Methodology and Work Plan)

Also known as a body of degree work, the Methodology must describe all the tools used to carry out the thesis. The ideal is to detail it according to the objectives set, and the introduction mentioned above. The data that is exposed must not be altered. For its part, the work plan explains each of the stages to be carried out to satisfactorily complete the degree work, which must be carried out during an academic semester. If the agreed deadline is not met, the issue must be submitted for discussion; and the UC student will have to demonstrate the existing failures and why its completion has been delayed.

  • Phase 4 (Bibliography and Date of Presentation and Signature)

The bibliography includes all the documented information used to give body to the degree work. This must be ordered according to the regulations established by the institution. It is important to highlight each type of source used, whether from a web portal, a book, magazine or any other research medium. At the end of the degree work, the scheduled date for the presentation and signature must be indicated. This can only be suspended in the event of any medical complication that warrants such action. In case of an offense, the directors will have the right to decide the course of the investigation and subsequent degree work.

Writing Format at UC

It is important that the project presented in the UC in general has coherence, both internal and external, this indicates the title to be used and the activities used to fulfill the main objective of the research. There must be a conceptual management at a professional level, spelling mistakes will not be admitted, “any altered data may generate the suspension of the degree work”. It will be necessary to use technical elements according to the topic to be developed. The work must be written in Arial font number 12, using single spacing. The margin must be 3 centimeters on each side of the sheet, which must be white, letter type. At the time of printing, these should not be damaged, either with any stain or fissure.

How much does a thesis cost?

Final Recommendations

The UC student should avoid the use of words considered “obscene,” and / or metaphors that divert the reader’s attention, as this could hinder the understanding of their degree work. In the same way, you must consider points such as:

  • Introduction should not exceed 2 sheets
  • Hypothesis should only have one sheet
  • Methodology should not exceed 2 sheets

In addition to this, two sheets must be delivered, you consider “annexes”. In the first one, the university logo must be included in the upper part and centered, and detail the following points:

  • Student’s name
  • Amount of credits approved
  • Thesis Director
  • Co-Director of Thesis
  • Sponsoring
  • Thesis title
  • Place where the degree work will be carried out
  • Date of presentation.

And to close, the last annex will be an official letter indicating that the subject presented by the student has been approved. This must have the signatures of the Thesis Director, Thesis Co-Director, Sponsor and the student. Said office must also have the logo of the university located in the central part. It is worth mentioning that the image must be legible. Both annexes must also respect the margins of all the degree work.

UC methodology

UC methodology

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