Making an excellent presentation is not a simple job and is one of the main headaches after the completion of the thesis. Before considering the points to include or the approach to give it, it is necessary to choose the best program to do so. PowerPoint has been the most popular until recently, when Prezi entered the world of presentations with force. The choice between the two is not simple, but we give some advice on each of them to choose the best for your interests.

What is PowerPoint?

It is a program created to make presentations with schematic text, as well as slide presentations, text animations and clip art or imported from the computer. Different font, template, and animation layouts can be placed on it.

According to figures from Microsoft Corporation, about 30 million presentations are made with PowerPoint every day. It is part of the Microsoft Office suite.

What is Prezi?

Prezi is an online presentation app and narrative tool that uses a single canvas instead of traditional, separate slides. Texts, images, videos or other presentation objects are placed on an infinite canvas and presented neatly in presentable frames. It’s like a big picture where we add information, photographs, and so we create our presentation.

When we play the content of our presentation it gives us the feeling of seeing it through a camera. Which zooms, and rotates the areas as we move forward. A main feature of Prezi is the possibility to organize the information in the form of an outline and expose it freely without the sequence of slides.

So the speaker or viewer of a presentation in Prezi can access any content with just a click. You also have the ability to create collaborative presentations. So many people can work through the Internet delegating the corresponding tasks or working at the same time both the design and creator of the content.



  • Prezi

It has the option for 3 styles.

  • PowerPoint

The styles are endless.


  • Prezi

We can only choose the ones that the program has

  • PowerPoint

We can make our own designs


  • Prezi

It does so with screen movements and is easier to handle.

  • PowerPoint

Play with slides.



It is a program a little complicated to understand at first because of the multiple functions it gives us.

For the reproduction of the slides it is necessary to have Adobe Radar, and some computers do not have this program and that can be a bit complicated with the treatment of the program.


It can be easily saved and sent, but there is a risk that it will be damaged by a virus.

Presentation of ideas hierarchically, which can be a distraction for the audience.



It can be used online or downloaded to be used without an internet connection.

It allows you to zoom in on the details and modify without having to make other slides.


It presents texts, images and videos in a coordinated manner.

A sound can be inserted into the presentation, depending on the topic to be discussed.

Regarding the content of the slides in both PowerPoint and Prezi, in the case of the thesis presentation, it is suggested that it be structured as an example as follows:

Project title and author(s).


Data on the phenomenon studied.


Why is it a problem?


Why is it important to solve the problem?


What was specifically expected to be achieved with the study?

Hypothesis or guiding question

It can be one or more. Other studies identified on the subject.

Theoretical framework

Concepts and propositions that allowed to address the problem.


Specific aspects of research design, data collection techniques, samples for analysis, systematization, etc.


Synthesis of the results and the most relevant aspects, if it is possible to include graphs or illustrative images.


Open questions, probable solutions and applications, evaluation and implications of the results or findings of the work, etc. Do not forget to take as a reference the objectives of the research.


To the director for the support provided, to the institution, to the advisor, to the assistants, etc. It is not mandatory to include this section.

It should be noted that the content of the slides will be defined by the author and the advisor of the research project, so what is mentioned above is only a proposal of structure.

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PowerPoint or Prezi slides for your thesis defense?

PowerPoint or Prezi slides for your thesis defense?

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