Prezi is a web-based tool for creating presentations. Instead of slides, Prezi makes use of a large canvas that allows you to scroll and zoom in on various parts of the canvas and emphasize the ideas presented there. Prezi supports the use of text, images, and videos, and also offers a collection of templates to choose from to help new users get used to the interface.

It is similar to other presentation programs like Microsoft PowerPoint, but offers some unique features that make it a good alternative. In recent years, it has become popular in schools and businesses. If you want to create a slightly more eye-catching and engaging presentation, Prezi may be for you.

With Prezi, you can create a whole world, in which the audience discovers the text and visual elements by zooming in and out.

What Prezi offers?

Prezi offers a variety of reusable templates that will blow your imagination and help you start your project. So, even if you’re not a designer, this web-based tool is made for you.

In recent years, it has become popular in schools, universities and businesses. So whether you want to be the best in your class, impress your boss or triple your sales, Prezi is the path to success.

Because of his unique style of presentation, Prezi can use movement and metaphor to help communicate the point you’re trying to make. If you want your audience to really feel the sense of space and distance between places, for example, you can use a map template. With Prezi, you take care of the message you convey and how you communicate it. In this way, your ideas will be more memorable and attractive.

Prezi offers educational licenses for students and teachers. This allows students and teachers to create private presentations that cannot be accessed by the public.

How does Prezi work?

Most presentation programs use a slide-based approach, in which you move back and forth between individual slides, like the pages of a book. However, Prezi uses a canvas-based approach. Instead of using slides, Prezi has a very large canvas on which the presentation moves, zooming in and out to see multiple frames.

Why use Prezi?

You may be wondering what differentiates Prezi from other presentation programs, such as PowerPoint or Keynote. On the one hand, Prezi is completely free. There are upgrades you can pay for to unlock additional features, but everything you need to create and share a dynamic prezi is available for free.

Another great reason to use Prezi is that it runs entirely through your web browser, which means there will be fewer compatibility issues than with other programs like PowerPoint. Your prezi will always look the same, regardless of the computer you see it on.

What Can Prezi Do?

If you want to create interactive and engaging presentations, Prezi is made for you. Prezi is the evolution of a boring and monotonous PowerPoint in which the audience can interact with the content. Leaving aside the old slides that move forward and backward like the pages of a book, Prezi shows the big picture and then expands to reveal the relationships between your ideas.

Prezi can be used as an interactive learning tool. There are many apps, but here are some visual methods you can explore using Prezi.

Timelines: With Prezi, you can create timelines to show the historical relationships between events using an interactive interface. Anyone can interact with the timeline by clicking on the frames to zoom in or out of the image (you can also use the mouse wheel). You can also click and drag to scroll.

Diagrams: Within Prezi, you can create different types of diagrams from templates or from scratch.

Dichotomous key: Prezi has been used to make dichotomous keys due to Prezi’s almost infinite usable canvas space.

Prezi and Microsoft Power Point

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is the presentation software of the Microsoft Office package.

It has long been the most sought-after software for creating presentations in both business and education. So much so that its overuse resulted in the term “Death by PowerPoint”.

The downloadable desktop app for Microsoft PowerPoint works smoothly on both Mac OS and Windows PCs.

PowerPoint: Advantages and disadvantages

Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of PowerPoint.

Advantage #1: Popularity

The first advantage of PowerPoint is its widespread use. Almost everyone knows how to open, use, view, and edit a PowerPoint presentation. That makes it easy to distribute and share with team members and collaborators.

Advantage #2: Multimedia Features

The second advantage of PowerPoint is the richness of its functions to use multimedia in presentations. Users can add video, audio, voiceover, and animations to keep viewers engaged and engaged. These features help add a healthy dose of visual impact to presentations.

Advantage #3: Many templates

The third advantage of PowerPoint is the large number of templates available. Not exactly within the software itself, but mostly through third-party sites and marketplaces. Since PowerPoint has been a favorite of presentation creators for a long time, there are templates for every style and purpose.

It’s similar to how there are thousands of Apple Keynote templates available on sites like Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

Disadvantage #1: Death by PowerPoint

The main disadvantage of PowerPoint is the term coined “Death by PowerPoint” and the meaning that the term entails. It’s not uncommon to hear people say things like “another PowerPoint no!” or “I fell asleep during PowerPoint.”

This reputation was the catalyst for many presentation creators to offer different and more creative solutions.

Disadvantage #2: High cost

The second disadvantage of PowerPoint is the ongoing cost of the Microsoft 365 Office package. Users can get PowerPoint on their own, but the cost is high.

As part of the full package with Microsoft 365, you have a monthly fee. Purchasing the Software on your own does not come with storage as with the Suite.

Disadvantage #3: Compatibility Issues

The third disadvantage has to do with the time that PowerPoint has. It may happen that the software used is from an old computer and then is not compatible with newer media. Or that the newer version of PowerPoint doesn’t open on older computers.

For example, if you want to collaborate on a PowerPoint and need to upload it to your cloud, a PPT file won’t work. It has to be a newer version like PPTX.

Power Point Features

PowerPoint Feature #1: Microsoft Toolbar

PowerPoint has many notable features in its editor, but the most notorious is the Microsoft toolbar with all the editing features a creator will need.

Microsoft Office Suite programs such as Word and Excel have toolbars similar to ppt and this makes it easier for users of all three programs.

Getting to know the Microsoft toolbar saves time and offers a large number of creative and practical features for any PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint Feature #2: Design Themes

Another notorious feature of PowerPoint is the initial layout slides. These are simple slides with a basic composition of images and text. These save time when creating new slides, as creators don’t have to insert new picture and text boxes every time.

They are also pre-designed to look good and be effective. Using design themes helps create better-looking presentations every time, and customization is simple and straightforward.

PowerPoint Feature #3: Export to Other Applications

PowerPoint presentations can be exported for use in other presentation creators.

Prezi is one of them. A PowerPoint presentation within Prezi should be adapted to fit zoom navigation by grouping slides into categories.

A PowerPoint presentation can easily open up like a Google Slides presentation with hardly any difference in editing features. This will work best in a Chrome browser.

PowerPoint Templates

The templates available within the PowerPoint software have been the same for years and feel a bit dated. There are no more than 24 legacy templates that, while a bit old, still help create presentations faster and easier.

Aside from pre-designed presentation templates, PowerPoint also offers theme design options to choose from at the user’s discretion.

Also, when creating a presentation from scratch, the software offers “Design Ideas” with pre-designed slides in a scrollable bar to the right of the editor.

PowerPoint templates are available on many online sites. On Envato alone there are more than 1,000 ready-to-use templates in many different styles and for different sectors.

Since there are so many PowerPoint templates on third-party sites, it’s easy to understand why Microsoft doesn’t create more templates to add to its PowerPoint program.

Many of the PowerPoint templates offer tutorials on how to use them best.

PowerPoint Cost

PowerPoint usually comes as part of the Microsoft Office suite, now called Microsoft 365. The monthly fee starts at $6.99/month and increases depending on users and team needs.

Buying the software alone costs $139 and doesn’t come with cloud storage.

PowerPoint Performance

As PowerPoint is a downloadable software, presentations can be created without an internet connection. They can then be shared online or through a memory stick and easily presented or viewed offline as well.

PowerPoint functionality is best when used offline, but there is also an online version of PowerPoint in the cloud called PowerPoint Online.

In addition, PowerPoint presentations can be viewed on an iOS iPad or android device. There’s no mobile app functionality to create a presentation on an iPad or mobile device, but they’re perfect for viewing.

Teamwork and Collaboration

PowerPoint collaboration is possible, but it needs a bit of preparation.

Before a PowerPoint presentation can be edited as a team, you must first upload it to OneDrive or SharePoint Online for Microsoft 365. From there, collaborators can be added via their email.

Users can see when team members connect to the presentation to make changes and can see what they are working on. If the changes were made while a user is offline, they receive a notification that the changes were made while they were away.

Storage and Backup

Since PowerPoint is a desktop-based presentation software, all your presentations are media are stored on your computer. Alternatively, you can store all your PowerPoint files and presentations in Microsoft OneDrive.

A Microsoft 365 subscription comes with a 5GB cloud storage plan that can be easily upgraded through the subscription page.


Content can be easily linked or embedded in PowerPoint slides, either through the linking or embedding functions. First, any content created in other Microsoft 365 software is easy to add to a PowerPoint presentation.

Excel charts, for example, can be added as live data. As long as the data is kept on your machine or in the OneDrive folder, the PowerPoint presentation will show the changes if it is also uploaded to OneDrive.

Embedding a PowerPoint presentation into a website is as easy as with Prezi. All that is needed is an HTML embed code. Copy and paste it on a web page or blog.


Both Prezi and PowerPoint have many features on hand to help presenters create engaging slideshows. But in both cases, there are some features that stand out above the rest. Which makes the software the favorite among its users.

Prezi: Advantages and disadvantages

Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of Prezi presentation software.

Advantage #1: Non-linear navigation

The first advantage of Prezi is the zoom and overview function.

Signature navigation in Prezi provides a unique perspective for creating and viewing a presentation. Instead of adding one slide after another, a project is created in sections.

The main menu slide exists and the presenter or viewer can return to it at any time. This advantage of Prezi is especially useful for presentation creators who are tired in the usual way.

Advantage #2: Integration Support

Prezi’s second advantage is the long list of integrations. Prezi can connect to other apps like Slack, Zoom, and Google Meet. These integrations make it easier to share and present Prezi projects with teams and collaborators.

Advantage #3: Low cost

The third advantage of Prezi software is its low cost.

The free version is great for students who need the bare minimum for their projects without too much fanfare. Payment plans start at $3 a month.

Disadvantage #1: Confusing Design

Interestingly, Prezi’s first advantage is also a disadvantage. The frequent movement of approaching and moving away can be a bit overwhelming for some. In addition, a shared Prezi presentation on its own can be confusing if the viewer doesn’t know how to navigate the features.

Similarly, for the creator, it can be easy to overdo it with zoom navigation. If slides and sections are unorganized and easy to follow, it can be difficult to make a coherent presentation.

Disadvantage #2: Paid offline access

The second disadvantage of Prezi is that, if you use the free or lower-level versions, the presentations depend on the Internet to be viewed.

Low internet speeds can make it nearly impossible to browse a Prezi. Offline access is only available on paid subscriptions.

Disadvantage #3: Limited data visualization

Although there are some table and chart options in Prezi, they are not fully customizable or editable for a custom look.

Prezi has added a new feature called Prezi Design to improve the customization of data visualizations, but it remains limited compared to other tools.

Features of Prezi

Prezi Feature #1: Zoom Navigation

Prezi’s best and most notorious feature is zoom navigation. Prezi created this feature as a differentiator of PowerPoint and other presentation creators.

Creators can design slides into groups or sections that are organized in the main menu of the first Prezi slide. The presenter can then navigate through one section and move on to the next or use the back button to return to the main slide.

When you create a Prezi presentation, this feature cannot be disabled. It’s ingrained in the program, so creators need to be sure they want this style of presentation to begin with.

Prezi Feature #2: Prezi Video

Prezi has recently added a video feature built into its software.

Prezi’s video is like a normal Prezi presentation with the difference that the background is the presenter’s live video. This feature is ideal for webinars, meetings, and live courses.

To create a Prezi video, users have to use a different application from the Prezi suite, but they can use prezi presentations already created and simply integrate them into Prezi Video.

Prezi Feature #3: Integrations with Other Apps

Prezi has a number of practical integrations for sharing presentations in different ways.

For example, use Slack to share presentations with team members within channels. Or, use Zoom or Google Meet with Prezi Video and create a presentation you’re a part of.

Prezi Templates

Prezi offers a variety of templates for its users. They have recently added templates for the Prezi Video feature and other attractive templates in the education and marketing niches.

As you might expect, all Prezi templates are created by taking advantage of the zoom feature.

For Prezi users, using a template is always the best option. In this way, the navigation has already been optimized and you just have to update the content.

On these sites, creators will find thousands of Prezi templates in many different styles and designs.

Prezi Pricing

The prices of Prezi are like those of any online application, there are options to choose from depending on the sector or the need for use.

Monthly plans, apart from the free basic, start at $3 a month and can go up to $59 a month and prices for teams and businesses are on demand.

Price groups are separated into basic, individual, education and business.

Prezi Performance

Prezi only works online when using the free basic plan. On paid plans, users have the option of a downloadable desktop app to create and present their presentations offline.

If they send the presentation as a link for someone else to watch, the viewer will need a good internet connection to watch it.

In addition, there is also the option of portable presentations, which can be downloaded for offline viewing and can be sent in an email and downloaded or through a memory stick.

Prezi users also have the option to use the Prezi Viewer Mobile app to present their projects with collaborators and team members.

Once the app is downloaded, it can be accessed both online and offline. Prezi Viewer is available for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Teamwork and collaboration

For team members to work together on a Prezi presentation, everyone must have their own account or be part of a company account with different usernames.

The presentation owner can share the project with no more than 10 people at a time. It is necessary to grant them editing rights through the same email they use to log in to Prezi.

Collaborative editing in Prezi can be viewed in real time. This means that one user can see what another is working on and vice versa. The content of any other Prezi can be easily added to a group Prezi.

In addition to being able to edit together, contributors can also leave comments in small post-it notes.

Storage and backup

Both free and paid Prezi accounts have unlimited storage for created presentations.

Uploaded media storage is higher on larger plans. For example, free and small plans can’t upload videos to their presentations. Larger plans offer that and the storage to save the videos to the media library.


Prezi presentations don’t have the ability to embed third-party content within slides with I-frame or built-in apps. Its new Prezi Design app does offer the ability to embed iframes, but bringing these designs into a Prezi presentation isn’t straightforward.

Alternatively, you can easily embed a Prezi presentation on a web page with a code snippet.

Is Prezi more effective than PowerPoint?

Both Prezi and PowerPoint have their own advantages and disadvantages. The question of whether Prezi is more effective than PowerPoint depends on your own needs. Prezi’s unique zoom feature will make your presentation instantly recognizable as “Prezi”.

Similarly, a PowerPoint presentation with too many transition features and excessive use of animation will be recognized as a PowerPoint presentation.

When choosing between Prezi and PowerPoint, the most important thing is the style of presentation you want to offer. In addition, each tool has particular characteristics that the other does not have.

For example, you can’t embed third-party content in a Prezi and PowerPoints already get a bad rap with the whole “Death by PowerPoint” situation.

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