The Metropolitan University began its academic activities in mid-October of 1970 in Caracas, Venezuela. The campus is in the Petare-Guarenas Highway, and it has 3 offices located in Maracaibo, Puerto La Cruz and Valencia. It has more than 4 modules of classrooms, auditoriums and sports fields.

Metropolitan University Careers

For undergraduates there are more than 10 careers belonging to the area of Engineering, Sciences and Arts, Legal Studies, Economic and Social Sciences. To qualify for postgraduate degrees, we find Master in Management and Administration, Speculations in Finance and Environmental Management and many more.

To opt for any of these degrees, it is necessary to carry out a degree project, and for this Unimet, has its study methodology, which has 9 relevant points distributed in, Tentative Title, Delimitation of the subject, General objective and specific objectives, Justification, Frame of reference, Methodological framework, Tentative development scheme, Preliminary citations and bibliography, and Work schedule.

Metropolitan University Methodology

The methodology used to carry out the work or thesis at the Metropolitan University, is presented in 4 phases:

  • Phase 1 (Tentative Title, Delimitation of the topic, General objective and specific objectives)

The Tentative title must make known what you want to do in the degree work. It must not exceed a maximum of 3 academic periods.

On the other hand, the general objective is the global point of the degree work, and the specific objectives arethe activities that you want to specify duringthe completion of the final project.

  • Phase 2 (Justification, Frame of reference)

The justification must state the reason why the topic was chosen, highlighting its importance in society (especially in the institution), personal interest, and the ease of carrying it out.

In the theoretical framework or “body of work”, everything investigated in relation to the main topic and specific objectives is detailed. Its realization requires exhaustive investigations to verify that what is exposed in the project is real, and whether or not it has been doneby someone else.This section includes the Background; past projects. used as a basis to carry out the current project, of course, all must have a close relationship with each other, why base the themes used.

  • Phase 3 (Methodological framework, Tentative development scheme)

Once the fields how, the delimitation and justification have been defended by the student, the methodological framework, in which data are explained how, the type of research to be used, whether documentary or experimental (or even both), also the tools used, and the population and sample (selected elements) to carry out the degree work.

In addition, a summary / scheme of the activities to be developed ispresented at the Metropolitan University, each with a short description and the estimated time for their completion.

  • Phase 4 (Preliminary citations and bibliography and Work schedule)

All sources used must be cited, making sure that they are reliable. There are many types of citations, everything will depend on the source used to extract the information. For example, in the case of having used a book, must be placed: Author / publisher (year of publication). Title of the work (edition) (volume). Place of publication (city, country): publisher or publishing house.

In the case of using an online source at the Metropolitan University, is placed: Author (publication date). Work title. Online. Place of publication: publisher. Retrieved on – specify access date, month day, year.

Now, the work schedule, It consists of a table, where the activities previously exposed in the scheme are detailed, this time with time in months, to be more specific; It is created using a Gantt chart, this facilitates its development. Placing in the lower left part, the student’s name and surname, the start date and the end date of the activities.

The Difference Between Method and Methodology

Writing Format

The format used for the relationship of a degree project at theMetropolitan University considers to be governed by the APA standards, within which data such as;

  • Use white bond or letter size paper. These should not be wrinkled or stained.
  • The left margin must be 4 cm, while the right margin, top and bottom, 3 cm
  • On the other hand, the font must be Arial number 12 for the content, while the titles of the tables and figures and the sources of information must be written in Arial number 10. Also, the titles of each section of the Project must be written in Arial number 14; the subtitles in Arial number 12 (both the titles and subtitles, must be in bold) and the “footer” in Arial number 10.
  • All grade work sheets must be numbered except for the initial page of each chapter. Arabic numbers are used and these are used from the introduction, said enumeration must be placed in the upper right corner, avoiding being on the edge of the sheet, to be more exact just 2 cm from it.
  • The space between lines must be 1.5, and the text must be justified
  • Titles can either be located in the center or on the left of the page
  • All chapters must start on a new page.
  • There should be no empty subtitle at the end of a page,in that case, it should be exposed on the next.
  • In each section there must be 5cm of indentation.

How should the writing be

The writing in the Metropolitan University is recommended that in its entirety it must be clear and precise. Colloquial expressions are not allowed, the language used must be 100% technical and professional. In the same way, the use of metaphors and phrases in other languages as this could hinder the reading and understanding of the project.

The order in a degree project is essential. Once Each detail has been thoroughly reviewed,and each stated objective evaluated and justified, it is printed.

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Research Methodology Universidad Metropolitana Caracas, Venezuela

Research Methodology Metropolitan University Caracas, Venezuela



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