Writing the thesis is the definitive test in your career, you must demonstrate your full academic potential. Remember that you must contribute something to the subject to serve as an inspiration to others. Follow these practical tips to choose your thesis topic.

The production of the thesis is one of the most difficult moments that students have to face. Not only because it is a definitive stage in the career, where they must demonstrate their full academic potential, but because they must create a work that represents a contribution to the subject and can serve as an inspiration to other students and professionals.

Choosic a Suitable Thesis Topic

Choosing a suitable thesis topic is a key point if you want to do quality work, therefore, we bring you some tips to achieve it. If we are not comfortable with the chosen theme, the elaboration process will be tedious and will not make us shine as students. In addition, we will run the risk of leaving the thesis in half, for not having enough inspiration and momentum to follow it.

On the other hand, having an adequate thesis topic, which is interesting to us, will be an impulse to work harder and give the best of oneself. Ideally, each student should analyze the topics they like the most, put together a list where they include them all, study the possibilities of elaboration of each one and take a week to reflect on the pros and cons of each one.

The choice of topic depends on several factors. If we have the freedom to choose it, we can base our decision depending on our degree of knowledge on the subject and the desire to generate a new contribution.

Choosing a topic on which we already have knowledge allows us to advance faster and deepen, while choosing a topic about which we do not know much offers the possibility of acquiring new knowledge and growing as professionals.

Tips that will help you select the right topic and make it easier for you to prepare the work.

You must find it interesting.

As we already said, it is vitally important that the topic you choose is of interest to you so that you can dedicate yourself to researching it for a whole year without getting bored. An interesting topic will also be a contribution to the subject and a differential for the thesis.

It must represent a contribution to your subject.

A thesis is not only a work on a topic associated with the subject, but it must be a contribution to the subject where a current theme is questioned and different perspectives and ways of approaching it are shown. Remember this when choosing your theme.

It should not limit your further studies.

Your degree thesis should help you to pursue your career and be an impetus for further studies and deepening. If, for example, you study psychology and in the future you want to work treating children, your thesis should be aimed at this area, so that you can ensure a better preparation on the subject.

The topic must be well defined.

It must be well crafted, but you can’t beat around the bush. It is necessary that from the beginning you delimit well the topic that you are going to work, you can detail it in the introduction of the thesis so that the readers know well what will be treated and how it will be addressed.

According to your tastes and strengths.

The topic you choose for your thesis should not only like you, but also has to be aligned with your strengths and abilities. In this way the elaboration will be much simpler and you will be able to improve your skills in the process.

You must have sufficient sources of consultation.

You will not be able to investigate a topic of which there is no previous research and work. Also, you need a good amount of materials and sources to be able to consult in the preparation of your thesis and create a quality work with important academic support.

Tips to make an excellent Thesis

Choosing a thesis topic is a task that depends on many elements that must be combined to create a solid and stable final project.

The academic area, the time available, the dedication or the personality itself are factors that influence such a decision. However, there are basic aspects that you can consider when thinking about the topic for your thesis.

Before you begin, create a list where you place your preferences in a broader sense.

This way you will have a first guide on the topics you would like to work on. The goal will be to start narrowing down the search field.

Review the subjects that became interesting throughout your career.

You may find there a topic that is to your liking and that you can handle comfortably. Ideally, the subject should be related to the career you are studying and that you master. For example, if you study Accounting the topics can be Audit, Taxes, Collections, etc.

Define a problem and of course, its solution.

When you work in a company and detect a problem to which you can suggest a solution, it is the natural or simplest way for this to happen. However, if you are unemployed or if that company seems to have no fault, then it creates the problem. Talking to some teachers or specialists who may give you to suggest current problems is also an option.

Public libraries and online repositories offer you the opportunity to review what is written on various topics that interest you.

Although it can be hard work, it is a perfect tool to discard options or find more enriching ideas.

Consult publications, magazines, theses that are related to your career.

Research what supplies you have in the library of your institution or city. Keep in mind that the research sources you choose have to be current.

If you use old bibliography, your thesis will be old-fashioned and will not give a substantial contribution.

In the case of statistics, we recommend that you never use those that are more than ten years old.

Make sure you have current and relevant literature.

The manual of style “How to make a thesis” by the writer and philosopher Umberto Eco is perfect to start. It is considered as “the bible” when it comes to doing final work.

After thinking about the problems you have to identify the individual phenomena it contains.

If you thought about what interests you, now it’s your turn to identify those specific facts or phenomena. The trick is to go down to the specific details until you get to the variables.

Some students tend to choose a topic that doesn’t interest them at all, just to get rid of that issue.

On the contrary, make sure that your attitude towards the proposal is positive. Spend all the time necessary to choose the theme. It is essential that you are passionate, that you are totally convinced of what you are doing.

The secret of a good thesis topic is that it is perfectly delimited.

Try to concentrate on a topic, which is simple, but at the same time allows you to delve deeply enough. It is best to opt for a specific idea that you can expand as the research requires it.

It is important to work on something that interests you.

But, from the sources obtained, it is that you will define the profile of your thesis project. Evaluate the amount of information you have on the subject to analyze if it is really possible to conduct research based on that.

Managing work time well is the secret key to making a perfect thesis.

It elaborates a specific schedule, allocates schedules for the realization of the thesis and establishes a period of previous research.

Before choosing a topic you should keep in mind what your strengths and weaknesses are in that field.

If you are interested, but know little about the area, the project will probably require more research time.

It should be an interesting, novel thesis topic that contributes to the solution of problems, the contribution of new knowledge and is useful to society.

We recommend that your final work be a contribution to your professional career. Therefore, you can do research that then lends itself to writing a book on the subject or completing a project.

In the case of carrying out fieldwork, select a sample with which you do not have difficulties to work (validate your economic possibilities and land accessibility).

Remember also that it is an investment in your education, so if you have the resources, the advice is to select the best sample for your work, even if it involves traveling, etc.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to investigate a topic of which there are no previous findings and works.

You will use a significant amount of materials and sources for the preparation of your thesis and create a quality work.

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6 practical tips for choosing your thesis topic

6 practical tips for choosing your thesis topic

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