Currently, it's vital that students can get to know themselves more assuming discipline and the meaning of assimilation of knowledge as a true commitment. So it's important to apply Super Learning Strategies when developing a Thesis.

Super Learning, also known as accelerated learning, provides a set of techniques and strategies that seek to holistically develop instructional processes.

In this article we will explain some news about the benefits of the application of Super Learning Strategies. They will help you to improve your academic performance and develop a Thesis that meets all the requirements required in your house of studies.

Benefits of applying Super Learning Strategies to develop a Thesis

Superlearning Strategies



Applying various Super Learning Strategies and Techniques, can contribute in a positive way during the process of Developing a Thesis. So that those who apply them can be aware of both the potential and the difficulties they have when studying.


Its application teaches how to control the body and mind

By implementing the Super Learning Techniques and Strategies, people will improve their body and mind control, achieving an emotional balance by enjoying a state of tranquility and relaxation.

Therefore, that students feel relaxed when applying accelerated learning techniques, will be extremely favorable during the moments in which they are developing a thesis or other type of academic work.

Students can become aware of the way they learn

awareness of how you learnBy applying an Accelerated Learning method, students are more likely to internalize around the way they learn. They take as a reference the way in which the senses get involved in their cognitive processes.

In addition, they will also be able to evaluate what are the mechanisms for acquiring and assimilating knowledge. They make it easier for students to carry out their individual Learning Processes.

The Accelerated Learning Methodology, helps these learners to know how they can feel stimulated intellectually by using some techniques. They include aromatherapy, relaxation, as well as games and even music.

By having a comfortable learning environment, students can improve their academic performance

It's important that students take into account some aspects of the environment in which they learn such as: the anatomy of the seats, the color of the walls, the ambient temperature, among others, so that they work based on making these environments pleasant.

If these are carried out in comfortable Learning environments with an ambient temperature, it means that, it has temperatures that people prefer to experience in enclosed spaces, the feeling of relaxation will allow them to feel very comfortable.

When students are at an ambient temperature, they will be more motivated to learn in an easier way than if they are in places of 2º below zero or above 36º.

Also, another of the fundamental aspects is to obtain adequate decoration in these spaces. This is why it's important that the impact of the colors used in the environments in which the Teaching-Learning process will take place, be considered.

Superlearning Strategies and TechniquesBesides, it's important to take into consideration another of the key aspects of super learning. This includes knowing the meaning of some colors before making the decision about which will be used in educational environments. We have to know this in order to improve the processes of acquisition and assimilation of knowledge.

In this way, color is one of the most representative elements for human beings. They cause psychological and physiological effects on them. Also, they can cause them positive or negative stimuli and motivate them to behave in specific ways.


Black color

One of the main aspects with which this color is associated is with death grief, but it can also be related to formality.

Green color

This tone can be linked to serenity, tranquility and is usually associated with elements of nature such as plants. It leads to promoting self-control and balance, instilling certain security and providing feelings of stability and well-being to people.

It's highly recommended to use this color in spaces where you want to activate creativity and obtain the benefits of accelerated super learning. It helps to generate new ideas, so this tone is favorable in educational environments where knowledge is exchanged.

Orange color

This is a color that helps to foster teamwork and the ability that people have to interact with others. It motivates people to develop greater union between them by helping them feel less inhibition and be more social and independent.

On the other hand, this is a tone that allows the development of concentration and attention skills, as well as the perception of other states of consciousness and mental acuity.

Blue color

It's a color that usually provides a feeling of rest, calm and purity, linking with the sky, ice and water, as well as some elements of nature that evoke the different shades of blue.

Being blue, this is a color that helps reduce irritability, while celestial tones serve to improve memory and, at the same time, contribute to the increase of intellectual and artistic faculties and can cause a relaxing effect on the Nervous System .

In short, the different shades of blue are very suitable in learning spaces because people can feel calmer, showing a greater willingness to acquire different types of knowledge.

Golden color

This particular hue can be very suitable because it serves to accelerate the healing processes that occur in humans.

Pink color

It's a color that is associated with kindness and shyness and through which tenderness and spontaneous affections are manifested, which helps people to become uninhibited and can calm aggression.

Violet color

This is a hue that symbolizes spirituality, promoting beauty, inspiration and creativity, which makes it a great option to be used in learning spaces because it allows people to display their creative and artistic abilities.

To this we must add that this is a color that serves to develop inspiration, as well as the intelligence and cognitive abilities of human beings.

Yellow color

This is a great tone if what is intended is to give joy to the environments, being associated with light and solar energy and stimulating curiosity, joy and clarity of thought and increasing attention and ease to acquire the learnings.

Turquoise Color

This is a color that contributes to counteract the states of depression in humans ,and can also be very favorable for digestive problems and arthritis.

However, in order to carry out a Thesis or other type of academic work, in addition to using the benefits of accelerated super learning, it's also important to have a methodological advice to obtain help in developing a research process.

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