The benefits of swimming are numerous, given that it is an integral sport that not only favors various bodily and organic functions of the human being. But is also one of the physical activities that, par excellence, have a positive impact on learning .

How does swimming benefit learning?

Swimming not only provides wellbeing to the body but also influences the regulation of brain functions. Therefore, it is highly recommended for those who wish to improve their learning processes when they study or do academic work.

So, if you want to know some of the benefits that swimming usually brings in the acquisition and assimilation of knowledge, don't forget to read this new article in which we will explain in detail each of them.

Improves brain function

Swimming in learning

One of the benefits of swimming is that it allows you to repair damaged hormones. It even usually helps to form new hormones in the hippocampus, which will serve to improve memory.

In this sense, memory is one of the most important elements in learning processes and life in general. Although on many occasions it hasn't been valued as it should be because it is closely associated with cognition and the development of learning processes.

Especially in those cases in which knowledge must be internalized textually or you have to learn certain data such as formulas, nomenclatures, symbols, chemical elements or other information that merit memory, whose role is vital to develop these cognitive processes.

They help develop nerve fibers

One of the benefits of swimming for the body is that it simultaneously activates the two hemispheres of the brain. Also it activates the four lobes found in this important organ so that it contributes to better cognition and learning.

In addition, bilateral movements of crossed patterns in swimming, help to develop nerve fibers in the corpus callosum- This organ connects the two cerebral hemispheres and favor the communication between them.

In this way, the emergence of nerve fibers produces excellent benefits in the brain at the molecular level. Also, it benefits the behavior of people, because it causes positive effects on the neurotransmitters that regulate moods and hormones that reduce stress.

Reduce the risk of mental illness

One of the main benefits of swimming is that it improves the circulation of blood flow. This process favors the memory, mental state and focus of people.

Besides, it contributes positively to the production of chemical substances such as endorphins. This substance significantly influences the mood of people and counteract diseases such as depression, which can be very detrimental to academic performance

People who don't have a good mood, will not feel equally motivated and willing to learn. Emotions play a great role in learning and as long as they reflect a greater emotional balance and maintain a positive attitude, they will feel much better when they study.

Therefore, when someone practices a physical activity, they will feel more energetic when studying or developing academic work. They will find themselves in a greater emotional balance by having the chemical substances required to perform these tasks.

Some chemical components such as dopamine, serotonin, among others, are responsible for the brain to maintain a hormonal balance. As a consequence, for people to have balanced moods, showing positive when learning.

Tips to be applied before starting to enjoy the benefits of swimming

practice swimming training

Before starting to practice swimming training, you have to take into account some tips to be able to do it in a proper and safe way.

In this way, people who want to practice swimming by carrying out a work routine, before starting these sessions. They should have medical tests that allow them to know if they are physically able to do it and what exercises they should perform.

Likewise, it's vital to be aware that although there are many benefits of swimming for health, there must be control over the number of calories burned when swimming.

So, once these people know that they can take advantage of each of the benefits of swimming without causing health problems, they should follow these recommendations:

  • Practice warm-up exercises before starting to swim, so that the joints and muscles are prepared for action.
  • The water must be at an appropriate temperature for the age of those who are using the pool. The heat capacity of the water that is required for children, is not the same as that of a pool that is used by adults.
  • Properly hydrate the skin to prevent any disease, irritation or abuse in this area of the body that is usually so vulnerable.
  • To avoid possible infections, it's recommended to bathe before and after swimming.

Which are the accessories that should be used to enjoy the benefits of swimming?

influence of swimming on learning

Although to practice this sport sporadically, it may not be necessary to have specialized accessories for this purpose. But when it comes to frequent swimming routines, it's advisable to have adequate equipment to take advantage of the benefits of swimming.

In this way, it is advisable to use the following implements.  If they are used properly, can reduce the risk of infections or injuries to the body.




This is an essential accessory for swimming, and it's pertinent to acquire one that is suitable for the type of exercises to be performed.

Swim cap

This is one of the implements that may be more beneficial because it will help reduce the risk that the ears. These organs can be very sensitive when being in direct contact with water and may suffer from infections.

Swimming goggles

They are the best allies because they're going to protect the eyes, which are very sensitive body organs and can be irritated when they are in contact for a long time with substances such as chlorine and other chemicals that are used for pool maintenance.

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