Increasing the cognitive development of the brain can be as simple as maintaining a good diet, for this reason, there is foods that contribute to brain development. A diet low in fat and with natural foods will be of great help to achieve a greater concentration, always keep in mind that your brain is activated thanks to the type of diet that you supply.

A balanced diet, formed from fresh foods will take care of your health, both physical and mental. The Mediterranean Diet is one of the great bulwarks of a healthy lifestyle. This type of diet rewards low-fat foods and fresh produce, eating habits also influence academic performance.


It is not enough just to make five meals a day and refrain from trans and saturated fats, as is usually recommended, in the case of students and all those who want to improve their memory, it is possible to highlight some foods that help to enhance it.

These foods contain nutrients that stimulate the temporal lobes and the storage of information, it is convenient to include them in your diet to consume them on a regular basis.

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Foods that help you get an excellent memory


One of these enhancer foods is broccoli. Being rich in vitamin K, broccoli enhances cognitive functioning and promotes memory by helping to improve neural connections.

Cereals and whole foods

Consuming these foods is also a good option, its richness in folic acid and vitamin B6 stimulates and strengthens the brain, making memory also strengthened.


If you prefer something sweeter you can always choose to eat an apple, yes, with skin. Apples have a lot of quercetin, which protects the brain from degenerative disorders and helps to better fix knowledge.


Especially fatty ones like trout, salmon or sardines. Fish is a great option to feed your brain,because among its nutrients we can highlight vitamin B and Omega 3, in addition to iodine, which makes the brain perform 100%.

Black Chocolate

It can be a great help, as well as delicious and a good dessert. It is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, so it helps increase blood circulation to the brain and improves concentration, memory and response to stimuli.

Foods that help boost cognitive development


Vitamin K is ideal for improving the cognitive capacity of the brain. Broccoli has a lot of this vitamin. It is an ideal vegetable if you are looking to increase the cognitive development of your brain. You can prepare it boiled as a side dish or gratin as a main course.

The avocado

The concentration and memory of the brain require a good diet. Also, the avocado gets a good functioning of the blood flow. This food prevents brain diseases such as stroke, or stroke.


Every day it is easier to find blueberries in the supermarket. This wild fruit prevents cellular damage. Many doctors recommend your daily intake to prevent diseases that can affect the cognitive system of the brain.


The purity of chocolate will determine its usefulness in increasing the cognitive development of the brain. This food helps lower blood pressure and can improve blood flow to the brain and heart. Doctors recommend eating a piece of chocolate two or three times a week.

Olive oil

Within the Mediterranean diet one of the best known ingredients is extra virgin olive oil. This oil helps to remove toxins from the body. It contributes to good brain health and the prevention of Alzheimer’s.


Fish cannot be lacking when it comes to talking about the foods that develop the brain. Salmon is rich in Omega 3. It helps the development of the brain and memory.


A source of protein such as eggs is ideal when it comes to taking care of health. Pregnant women are advised to eat egg yolks, this food is very positive for the brain of the fetus.

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Foods that enhance Cognitive Development

Foods that enhance Cognitive Development

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