In recent decades where even the most common things have undergone a transformation towards digital, it is not surprising that research has also evolved. Gone are the times when books and photocopies came to be the support material when conducting research. And this is how newspaper research has been displaced by digital research.

However, one of the feelings that those of us who live in these beginnings of the 21st Century have is that we do it in a completely accelerated world. Bringing as a consequence the systematic use of information technologies that for no more than 50 years have entered our lives. In this regard, the structure of society and families is also changing very rapidly. We are all connected in one way or another and have created a complex society that gives us many solutions but also creates many needs. That is why we must find a way to resolve the global regional and personal issues we are facing.

These general challenges have been the subject of reflection from the different types of research. Today’s societies have much higher requirements than the societies of less than a century ago. And this also raises rethinking research. Among the most common systems currently used are those that allow us to use digital technologies based on electronic systems with which we treat all types of data and with which we communicate extensively.

How can research be defined?

Research can be defined as that process that stimulates man better the world around him. In this regard, it can develop optimally in its relationships.

In this way, research is extremely important to help society solve problems. Therefore, the creation of new knowledge is one of the main sources of wealth and social welfare.

Investigating is not enforcing a pre-set plan. It is to search, inquire, unveil and unravel. That is why all research actions must be previously determined, even taking into account that some variables are emerging. There is no single scientific method, there are dozens of approaches and research methods each with a different dynamic, without dogmatism or rigidity.

This results in society developing from the economic, political, social and cultural point of view. Knowledge is one of the main characteristics of today’s societies and it is clear that the importance of knowledge is given by the fact that it can be shared.

In this way. research must have a push at the university level that constantly helps to obtain new knowledge and that guarantees the entrepreneurship of projects that lead to good research.

La Metodología de la Investigación en el Entorno Digital

Technological Changes and their impact on today’s society

The social and technological changes that we have experienced in recent decades force us to rethink numerous aspects of research. In fact, there are several innovative projects in several universities that aim to adapt research to today’s world.

In this regard, the proposals coincide to enhance the work through interdisciplinary projects. Where the motivation and interest in continuing research and the connection of these investigations with the real world are promoted.

Currently, the Internet has hundreds of millions of users worldwide. As far as can be said, it is the most widespread means of communication in the entire history of humanity. it allows to establish cooperation, communication and collaboration between a large number of communities and interest groups on specific issues distributed throughout the planet.

Undoubtedly, society in general has been influenced in one way or another by the use of the network of networks. The different organizations and public and private institutions have had to adapt their traditional schemes, to adapt to this new form of transmission of information. The use of the Internet is already everyday for most people. Even the use of email and chats have made traditional mail almost obsolete.

Technological Changes in Education and Research

Education and research have not escaped the influence of the internet. Currently, most students and researchers look for information on the Internet before going to a library. This is due to the large amount of data that we can get about the same topic, as well as the immediacy of the information. In fact, it is increasingly common to find within a library a computer room for internet access, making evident the interrelationship that exists between these two great sources of information.

In a society intensive in the use of computer systems and information technologies, the use of these tools is already common. Along with the challenges, more and more possibilities are opening up in research.

Whatever type of research is used, computer science is very important. Among other things you can count on its infinite possibility of storing a number of issues that a book can never contain. And the most important thing is that the changes are noticed immediately.

Digital Research and Newspaper Research

Until recently, the so-called research on the Internet was frowned upon because there were many resources without any scientific support that were taken as true. However, this situation has changed completely. For some years it has been possible to consult different libraries worldwide, as well as the possibility of consulting updated scientific works. This allows not only the location of reliable and reliable support material, but we also have all the data to be able to make the appointments properly.

It is undeniable that newspaper research has many advantages. The fact of consulting a physical form text is for some an irreplaceable experience and allows you to have a better vision of the structure that will give to your work. However, research in the digital environment allows us, among other things, to save time. We can consult not only different works but different libraries at the same time even outside our borders. This would not be possible in the real world or would take much longer if we tried to do it personally.

In the same way, conducting research in the digital field allows us access to forums and discussion groups. There it is possible to find specialized professionals who surely with the help of our tutor will help us to channel the work towards a satisfactory result.

Advantages of Digital Research

In this regard, digital research has the following advantages:

Access to a large amount of information. Since from the comfort of our home school and office we can access all the public information in the world.

Immediacy in the results. You just have to know how to search in the right way. Google Scholar and Google Research, for example, allow us to find with only one keyword or key phrase, scientific papers that have that content anywhere in it.

Generation of primary information. In addition to the search for information in Reliable Sources, it is also possible to make surveys and interviews for research that requires it.

Cost reduction. Reduces the loss of time due to transfers and visits to specialized sites, as well as in notebooks, pencils and photocopies.

Establishment of relationships with experts. In addition to forums such as Quora, there are platforms such as Linkedin that allow you to locate experts who are open to all kinds of questions and queries and who want to collaborate in our study for free.

In this way, digital research allows a greater scope, which causes greater impact than traditional techniques, also allowing the saving of resources such as time and money.

The transformation of Newspaper Research towards Digital Research

All this makes us assume that education is giving way to a new model of teaching and research. This model is oriented towards the development of the capacity of analysis discernment, synthesis and reasoning. Since the exponential growth of the information contained in the web a precise selection of the sources that may be relevant and those that may not.

Digital research actively engages the student and requires their involvement in the process many learning opportunities. in addition, its nature favors collaborative action and dialogue between researchers. In the same way, it generates communication skills while encouraging the sharing of resources.

In summary, digital research has a highly positive impact on the progress of knowledge, productivity, competitiveness and individual and organizational growth.

This makes it possible to sustain a sustainable and inclusive smart economy in innovation as a transversal axis. Consequently, scientific discoveries are accelerated and the transfer of knowledge at all levels is possible and it evolves from newspaper research to digital research.

At the same time, the creation of new content is constantly stimulated and collaboration is promoted with the consequent increase in efficiency. In this regard, it makes possible the involvement of all citizens in the generation of scientific knowledge and increases its visibility and impact.


In the not too distant future, digital research may completely replace the use of traditional library and newspaper research. Not only can we save time in searching for the data, but we have at our disposal a series of automated search engines that quickly locate what we want. This takes the step beyond a new research system to a new teaching model. A teaching oriented towards the development of the capacity of analysis and synthesis of reasoning and discernment.

And although the exponential growth of the data contained on the Internet increases with the passage of time, it is that every day we are able to analyze reasoning and synthesize any information and discard what is not useful to us. And remember, if you have any questions about how you can target your research, we’re here to help.

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Digital Research in Today's Society

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