Most people, if not all of them, this quarantine situation as a result of COVID19, has taken them by surprise. Many are still trying to get used to the change of routine to go to the workplace, to stay and home and try to fulfill all their work obligations from home. And it is here, where Teleworking has come to be established as a new way of facing tasks and satisfactorily fulfilling them.

At the time of this article, about a third of the world’s population has restricted mobility by government orders for the contagion of COVID19. As a consequence, the quarantine has led very large sectors of the working population to become teleworkers for the first time in many cases. There has been a sudden increase in employees, students,teachers, and other professionals who are working from home.

What have been the consequences of the Quarantine due to the effect of COVID19?

There has been a substantial increase in file-sharing video conferencing traffic and live streams across all social media platforms. Even the rulers have shared photos presiding over meetings and inaugurations using apps like Zoom.

However, we must bear in mind that confinement is not usually easy for some and the change in the daily structure has come to mean a challenge for most workers. This unprecedented situation will definitely be a milestone in our lives and will force us to see life from a different way. And it will surely mark a before and after for all companies and workers in the world.

Reading books, looking for inspiration, listening to music and doing something practical like an online course will be powerful motivational tools. Including discipline and positivity in equal parts is critical. Respecting the schedules in which we have been working usually, could be a transition to this new lifestyle, so that it is done in the least traumatic way possible.

What does the term Telecommuting mean?

Teleworking is defined as a way of organizing work, which allows the performance of the employee without his physical presence in the company. In order for it to be carried out efficiently, it requires the use of means of electronic information processing. Thus there will be the possibility of permanent contact between the Teleworker and the people in charge of supervising his work.

This modality means a series of advantages, since it eliminates the loss of time caused by the displacement of the worker to the company. It also brings as a consequence greater flexibility in working hours since the worker has the possibility of organizing his time. And of course, it allows greater autonomy which comes to foster leadership and the taking of responsibilities.

This flexibility is particularly important for those people, who in time of quarantine, must fulfill other obligations such as attending to their parents, being in charge of doing the shopping and helping their children to do their homework.

To flexibility, so that it can be advantageous, we must add discipline. It is necessary to comply with a schedule that does not allow us to exceed the number of working hours that we would usually work in the office. Although this situation has caused priorities to be handled differently and that perhaps in our work they remain urgent in their fulfillment, we must try to add more stress to the situation we are already experiencing.

Who can be Teleworkers?

To be a teleworker it is convenient to have technical and computer knowledge, which allows us to make use of all the tools at our disposal to transmit files or make videoconferences. Taking into account that teleworking is an increasing trend, it is convenient to train on these platforms even when it is not currently being executed.

It is common for teleworkers to adopt the freelance type of work modality, thus having the opportunity to choose the projects they are interested in participating and even working on more than one project at a time.

From all governments it has been recommended that those companies that can telework from home, can implement it during this period. The recommendation is to promote teleworking worldwide to promote flexible schedules and non-face-to-face meetings.

What security aspects should be taken into account when teleworking?

An aspect that we must take into account when teleworking is the fact of security when sharing information. Although the tools, even the free ones that use videoconferencing for example, have high security standards, it is necessary that we take into account a series of key considerations when sharing information that may be confidential.

When sharing files or video calls we must ensure that confidential or sensitive material reaches only interested people. In this regard, if we share files in the cloud, we should only allow guests to have an email address belonging to the company. Specific passwords must also be set for each folder. And if it is a video call we must make sure not to share the link to the meeting the public group. In this regard, we must also try to limit the types of files that can be sent, such as not allowing executable files such as .exe.

We must monitor at all times who joins the video call and who is downloading files. You also have to make sure to limit the ability to share files and screens to eliminate the possibility that someone sent something by mistake.

In this regard, it is necessary to take the time, to review all the configuration options of the system or platform that we are using. There are often many configuration options and finding the right one should be an important task to ensure that the files we share and the calls we make remain safe.

Trabajo y Estudio en Tiempos de Cuarentena

What should we do to cope with the change in Industrial Relations?

You have to take confinement with positivity. Although many have seen their Easter break truncated, surely the time at home will help us to rest and resume our priorities. We can also explore new skills and new ways of doing things.

Music and natural light will be our new allies to be more productive and safe our loved ones will appreciate our extra attention. Naps are also sure to be a blessing, which will allow us to be rested enough to work on several projects together.

Problems related to Teleworking in times of COVID19

However, with all this situation and teleworking, a problem arises that few talk about. Some short- and medium-term projects have inevitably been cancelled and unfortunately not everyone counts as a financial cushion to be able to survive comfortably for some time. These organizations have even had to completely change their field in order to cope with the situation, which speaks volumes about the natural resilience of the human being. Unfortunately, it has been put to the test and we have overcome difficulties before, so this will not be the exception. In this way, it is necessary to be in search of opportunities at all times and above all to train continuously to be prepared for all kinds of challenges.

For others the dynamic has not changed significantly, as they have an office or home studio and therefore the transition has not been so traumatic. But the situation undeniably influences the mood. It is very difficult to be 100% focused without worrying and heartbreaking news about this situation that some have described as apocalyptic.

The Psychological Impact of COVID19

For some, putting travel on hold with inaugurations, trips, meetings, fairs and other commitments is not an easy job. But we can look for inspiration in other ways, such as organizing our work and personal archives. In addition, doing virtual visits on the internet to places of interest, chatting with friends or attending courses could be a good idea to take advantage of our time.

Many even foresee that the psychological impact will be very strong so the recovery of the normal rhythm of things will be very hard. This coupled with the situation of those companies that even if they apply teleworking will not be able to survive. Small businesses or family organizations, which survive on their daily income, do not have it so easy. However, despite the logical concern about the negative impact, this time of quarantine. it can even be enriching. We can dedicate ourselves to our personal projects, think about them and organize them. In the same way, it is a propitious moment for the search for new clients and new perspectives in our work environment.


It is clear that life before and after COVID19 will not be the same. One of the big lessons is that most people will be able to adapt to working remotely without any hassle. We must optimize forces for when we resume our activity the change is not so difficult. Although some sales plans, despite applying teleworking, have been paused until everything normalizes, it is necessary to always keep strategic planning in mind. Therefore it is necessary to establish common goals. So in the coming months taking into account that the situation experienced will surely change the landscape of labor relations forever. And if you are currently teleworking from home and do not have time to complete your Degree Thesis, we are here to help you. Our professionals will be happy to assist you.

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Teleworking in times of Quarantine

Teleworking and its Advantages

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