The quarantine, as a consequence of COVID19, has impacted all aspects of our daily lives. It is special, the routine of study and work have suffered particularly, having in both cases to adapt to a digital environment. This, instead of moving to a physical space, as we have been doing until now.

Although technology has had a very important impact on our lives for several years now, it is in situations like this that we value its importance even more. Having to transfer all the tasks that we have commonly been doing to an environment still unknown or unexplored for many, has not been easy. Even for those who make use of these tools on a daily basis, the isolation and above all, the daily news, make this panorama complex and in many cases, bleak.

And it is that the panorama at the moment, does not look good at all. Every day we witness not only new outbreaks, but also the crisis in health systems, due to the number of patients. And this means that not only the most sensitive people can feel distressed. This scenario is not easy for anyone and even less for those people who have not witnessed something similar in the course of their lives.

Main changes as a result of Work and Study in Quarantine

The desks and office cubicles have been replaced by the bed or kitchen table. It is no longer possible for us to see our study and work colleagues on a daily basis and all the time we share with our family, housemates and pets.

Office suits and outfits for attending classes have been transformed into comfortable clothes and in some cases even pajamas. Some are catching on lost sleep for so long, starting their work a little later than usual. And it is not easy to be at home all day and try to establish a study or work schedule that allows us to continue learning and continue fulfilling all our obligations.

This has given rise, in principle, to improvisation. But as the days go by and the situation normalizes, we have created new routines. We have been forced to redesign our study and work space. This, in order to remain productive and not to decay in our spirit. However, we know that it is not easy for demotivation and distraction to be part of our lives in these circumstances. In this way, discipline and organization must be part of this reinvention. In this way, we can continue to do things, in the most inspiring way possible.

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Some might even think that being at home all day is a bit claustrophobic, but it’s all about being able to find the necessary stimuli. Being able to work more comfortably is definitely an advantage. As well as being in an environment 100% ours, it means less pressure. In addition, being surrounded by our books and with Internet tools such as Instagram and Pinterest,can open the doors to creativity. Both Pinterest and Instagram, being very visual, are one of the favorite tools of designers. And then why not take the opportunity to review fashion pieces and photographs to feel more cheerful and more productive?

We can develop thus, exclusive areas for work or study and also for exercise, transforming and giving new life to the living rooms of the house. And also have separate places to eat or rest. It is also recommended, of course, to have a space in the day to share with our loved ones and tell them about our plans. This will help us to have a clearer mind, knowing that we have your full support. In this way, dissociating the spaces is necessary. So we can be ordered with our time and thus create an ideal atmosphere for each task.

Although we do not have very strict schedules, we must also make sure to take meals at the usual time and dedicate time to recreation. We must, above all, try to remain calm at all times, when listening to the daily news. And above all, enjoy this time in which we are surely working with less pressure. Unfortunately, there will be things that cannot be solved from home, but all in time.

Some Recommendations for Our Daily Routine

From early on, it is necessary that we coordinate the tasks of the day with our boss, partner or colleagues of study or work. Review projects, classes and attend remote meetings, in fundamental.

We must have a versatile and uncluttered space, close to natural light, which allows us to reproduce as much as possible the study or work experience that we usually have. We must also follow a routine of hygiene and personal grooming is essential, not only to feel better about ourselves, but also to be prepared at all times for that meeting by Zoom or Skype with bosses or colleagues to solve doubts or finish giving order to ideas.

Taking a course or doing any type of study is also an excellent idea. We must take advantage of the fact that at this time, many universities, institutes and training companies are offering free plans or at a lower cost than usual to enrich our curriculum.

Playing an instrument, learning to do it or carrying out some manual activity, will help us to disconnect and relax. This will allow us to learn or develop new skills and discover aspects of ourselves that we were not aware of until now.

In the same way, it is recommended to participate in calls, in groups of colleagues remotely, with those who are also living our same experience. This will help us to overcome much earlier, this unique and dramatic situation of work and study in quarantine.

Rediscovering our New World

In our house, we will surely achieve a serenity and balance, which we can not achieve in another space, which is essential to achieve concentration. It is also necessary that we have a lot of order both in our work table or study, as in everything that surrounds us, so that the visual area is in harmony with the projects we do. Surrounding ourselves with things we like can play a fundamental role: we must have our favorite books, notebooks and pencils on hand to take note of new ideas and tools such as drawing material, it will help us to be even more creative. In this way, we can take work and study in quarantine with less stress.

And if we are looking for new job opportunities, due to various circumstances, this could be the ideal time to do so. Most companies have not suspended their work and consequently, many of the searches to fill these vacancies are still active, so it is recommended to be aware of networks such as LinkedIn, about those opportunities that may arise.

In the same way, we must make a space for our errands on the street. Although it is recommended above all things, try to go out as little as possible and not have contact with strangers, it is inevitable that we have to go out to buy groceries or medicines. That is why we have to have our schedule very well planned to have to do it as little as possible and also make use of the companies that provide the Delivery service. We will also be helping many companies that are surely going through a difficult time and that are fighting for their survival in these circumstances. Work and study in quarantine has not been easy for most people.

A new adventure

The adventure of this confinement will also help us explore new options: watch movies that we had pending to see for years, finish that book you left in half, have a night by candlelight, laughing and enjoying with your family and many other activities that you do not routinely do.

And even when we can not enjoy daily the company of our co-workers or study and be in contact with all kinds of stimuli in our work stimulus, we should not let that discourage us. Let’s call our friends and collaborators frequently, let’s make them feel important and above all accompanied in this situation. And even more, that older people, who have surely gone through similar situations in the past, try to take care of them as much as possible to avoid a possible contagion.


Being the promoters of support groups in our community, through Whatsapp or Facebook, can also be an excellent activity to feel useful, while helping others. Being aware of the problems in our community and helping to solve them, is a way to stay less anxious and above all to foster that feeling of company, which we need so much at this time.

The challenge is then, to reproduce that feeling of belonging to a group of people with a common project. Maintaining communication, not losing good mood or motivation and complaining as little as possible, is essential. Better times are sure to come. And if you find yourself at this moment, resuming your degree thesis, remember that we are here to help you. Contact us and we can surely help you shape your project.

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