Countless times it has been said that eating dried fruits s is very helpful for the brain and therefore, for the learning of students who, in their colleges and universities, face their individual and collective instructional process every day.

Dried fruits are foods that have characteristics in common concerning their form and nutritional components, since they contain a high energy grade and also have proteins, fats, and trace elements.

On the other hand, it is necessary to emphasize that there is a wide variety of dried fruits such as hazelnuts, peanuts, nuts, almonds, chestnuts, pine nuts, among others.

Eating dried fruits is good because they also provide a huge amount of vitamins, among the main ones belonging to group B, as well as containing some fatty acids such as omega 3.


Dried fruits, Brain and Learning


Dried fruits, Brain and LearningThe properties of dried fruits are infinite, among these it should be noted that eating dried fruits daily helps human well-being and health considerably, given that they have antioxidant, vitamin and fat properties that provide incredible benefits to our brain.

It is not a secret for anyone the brotherhood that exists between the intake of a good diet and the functionality of the brain, because food has an impact on student learning, especially when it comes to the completion of their thesis and other academic work.

In this sense, learning has to do with brain functions and memory that is vital for the acquisition of knowledge, because this goes beyond the retention of information for a given test or exposure.

Besides, learning is linked to creativity and innovation, it is important that the human being has a good diet, which is why, in those countries where citizens are well-fed, better results are observed regarding the educational quality in general.

Therefore, countries whose citizens have a good quality of life, are usually characterized by higher academic performance rates than those of those nations in which a large part of the population sees scarcity, misery, and hunger.

In relation to significant learning, unquestionably one must remember Abraham Maslow, who from the positions of Humanist Psychology, forged an essential deed whose approach is that every human being must meet his basic needs to reach his self-realization as an educated person.


Benefits that eating dried fruits encourages learning

Benefits that eating dried fruits encourages learning


A well-fed being can achieve triumph, so if you are one of those students who seek to improve their academic qualifications, here are some dried fruits and the benefits they generate.



They are one of the dried fruits that stand out especially for having high levels of vitamin E. Also, it should be added that eating dried fruits of this type, in particular, will offer colossal benefits to the human brain because nuts have omega 3 and omega 6.

It should also be emphasized that dried fruits have folic acid, which considerably reduces the risk of suffering from cerebrovascular diseases and melatonin, which helps repair the sleep cycle that is essential for the benefit of learning processes.

Likewise, nuts serve to develop memory capacities and benefit learning, also acting as a natural antidepressant that helps to obtain serotonin, which is a substance that increases feelings of happiness and placidity.



Eating dried fruits like peanuts, causes blood vessels to dilate and in this way, there is better blood flow.

The consumption of this dried fruit provides a healthy life at the cardiovascular level and also reduces cholesterol, contributing favorably to the regulation of brain functions.



About eating dried fruits such as almonds, it also brings high benefits to your brain, allowing you to increase intellectual capacity and improve memory because they have high levels of phosphorus.

Almonds stand out for the fact that they have iron and fiber, as well as calcium, protein and vitamin E, so eating these foods improves cardiovascular health and helps eliminate cholesterol.


Recommendations for eating dried fruits


Recommendations for eating dried fruits

Eating dried fruits frequently fortifies the process of brain wave production associated with understanding, learning, retentive and other functions that this organ fulfills.

In this way, don't forget to read these recommendations so that you can have a good diet in which you integrate the nuts into your diet.

  1. Eating dried fruits every day, incorporating them into afternoon snacks, will help you conserve the energy needed to carry out your daily activities.


  1. Combining the consumption of dried fruits with yogurt, which is usually another food that allows maintaining a harmonious mood, can be extremely favorable to improve people's willingness to learn.


  1. You can combine several dried fruits at the same time, given that when you mix this specific type of food, you will perceive that these are very nutritious.


  1. It is essential to eat dried fruits constantly because, in this way, students will improve grades in their assessments, as well as feel healthy when doing their daily activities.

The beneficial properties that dried fruits possess are many, due to their vitamin potential, antioxidant, among others, so eating nuts daily helps us take care of and improve our health.

Consume dried fruits call yourself nuts, peanuts, almonds, among others, it is perfect for health, because it greatly benefits our brain and therefore, our learning, because we will have a better mental and physical development.

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