The experience of Practicing yoga helps students significantly to develop better in their learning process. It's a physical and mental discipline that comes from the India. Its purpose is to ensure that expression and execution are intertwined with the meditation in the Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism.

And because of this, the practitioners of this discipline, see in it fundamental aspects linked to human spirituality, where the body and soul are joined in an essence and the stillness and movement converge in unison, positively favoring the individual who decides to do yoga daily.

Therefore, if you are a person who feels committed to yoga and thinks that this discipline spreads bliss, health and tranquility, be sure to examine this new and attractive article. We will explain how practicing yoga significantly influences learning.

What is learning?

Learning is a process through which knowledge, behaviors and values are exchanged and acquired. It offers the experience, instruction, reasoning and reflection, which is developed through the acquisition of the topics studied by students to face life.

Learning represents in the person an accomplished goal. Every goal achieved requires a path traveled, in view of the fact that, assimilating the content of a subject from any area of human knowledge, means effort. This is why, every educational process currently, is necessarily merged with a holistic learning.

Benefits that yoga practice provides to learning

When we glimpse human existence, we may come to understand it as a totality that is woven by a multiplicity of experiences and knowledge.

Thus, when reviewing the importance of doing yoga without prejudice, has as physical and mental activity, we understand perfectly that the body and the brain are articulated.

In addition, when we observe the great gains that an individual obtains when practicing any of the types of yoga, it is impossible not to think about how this activity can favor those students who day by day exalt schools, colleges and universities.

In this way, here are some benefits that the practice of this ancient discipline provides students with:

Reduce stress

Yoga and Academic Performance

Countless times, it has been seen how multiple students after spending long sessions in the classrooms, which are accompanied in addition to all the tasks and jobs that they take home, suffer of prolonged stress.

In this sense, stress leads to living conditions that inevitably lead to fatigue. In the worst case, can seriously affect the physical and mental health of students.

Therefore, it can be affirmed that, practicing yoga every day, considerably reduces the levels of cortisol. This is a hormone that is released as a replica and response to stress.

In this regard, cortisol is necessary for the body and mind.  It significantly normalizes and activates energy, struggling colossally in situations that are stressful.

For these reasons, students should be much more relaxed, finding a better quality of life to develop their learning abilities from those subjects they face daily.

Accordingly, practicing yoga daily, helps lower cortisol levels, and hence, reduce stress.



Increase concentration

Another of the incredible benefits of doing yoga when getting up, is that students can formidably improve concentration. Thus, that a person has a balanced mental state, it's really very positive and favorable to increase academic grades.

The concentration of students is an essential aspect in the learning processes. As it develops them, it increases the academic indexes that are essential in the midst of the competitiveness that can be observed daily in the labour market.

Improves humor and interpersonal relationships

In the human being, the act of communication usually prevails above all. Interpersonal relationships are derived from conversations, dialogues and discussions. In the teaching-learning process, the communicative act is the most relevant.

In addition, having a good mood is another benefit you can get when practicing yoga. Especially knowing that above all, an excellent relationship with our peers is essential to achieve wonderful team results. We can learn an infinite amount of knowledge with those fellow students around us.

Considerably improves sleep

Yoga and Academic Performance

It's not a secret that to achieve a better learning in students, you must have a dream generator that achieves new experiences of wisdom. Practicing yoga increases the levels of serotonin and melatonin in the body, helping students to sleep in an excellent way.

In this sense, doing yoga before sleeping, can be one of the best techniques to have an adequate sleep diet. This can be considered a fundamental activity for strengthening the physical and mental health of students.

Practicing yoga at home, contributes favorably to the improvement of sleep quality. Also, allows the production of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that sends messages internally in the brain and through the Nervous System.

Furthermore, serotonin actively participates in many processes such as the regulation of mood and appetite. One of its main functions is to help produce a hormone called melatonin, which is responsible for systematizing the sleep cycles.

That is, when students, feeling exhausted, can enjoy a peaceful nap. They will be able to observe how it effectively intercedes in the control of stress and body temperature by having the proper amount of serotoninin the body.

Increase good health

Yoga and Academic Performance

Studying is like working. Usually, students face constant diseases that can be generated by the various events to which they are subjected. For example, exhibitions, tasks, research works, written tests, projects and finally, Thesis.

Doing yoga every day, undoubtedly generates well-being and good health. Many studies expose the remarkable benefits of this physical and mental activity. It helps prevent degenerative conditions and improve mood.

This is why, we recommend to all students, at least, to do 20 minutes of yoga per day, which is enough to cause biochemical changes in the neurons and the brain. It is an essential practice so they can learn to balance the performance of their academic activities, and in this way, improve their lives.

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