As these are the methodological redaction regulations, known as ISO 9000 and related standards, these have been used especially so that companies have the possibility of performing Quality Management processes.

These rules have a normative approach. They focus more on customer requirements, consisting of a collection of approximately 25 documents that are new and others revised. In this regard, they include formal technical International Standards.

In addition, there are also manuals and documents of Quality Management and Quality Assurance, which have gone through a transformation in terms of their approach. Above all, they have been reviewed especially during the last decade.

This series of ISO 9000 standards were made to bring harmony to a large number of rules about quality management that have expanded throughout the world.

What are iso 9000 series standards?

With regard to ISO 9001 standards, they consist of the requirements of the Quality Management Systems to adapt them. In this way, they evaluate effectiveness by taking into account customer satisfaction and responding to the demands of these fundamentals.

In the case of ISO 9004 standards, they serve to design guidelines to optimize performance. It provides advice and contributions that allow there to be a continuous improvement of what concerns the Quality Management System.

In this sense, this type of ISO 9004 standards serves to satisfy the customer and also all the parties involved. It focuses on the search for effectiveness and efficiency in the use of resources.

What are ISO 9001 Standards?

In this regard,iso 9001 standardsserve to provide services and products of excellent quality to customers and users. The following processes must be taken into consideration in order to use them properly:

  • Focus the realization of processes.
  • Analyze internal and external environments, to assess and manage the risks that exist when competing in the market.
  • Have an order in the information about the processes, preferably using the quality manual in which all the company's procedures are documented.
  • It serves to carry out business management processes, in which techniques are used to model, manage and also optimize how negotiations in organizations are carried out.

For this, the fact that the natural form of organization is the process must be taken as a starting point.

What are the ISO 9000 series standards used for?

The main purpose of this regulation is to manage the vocabulary, principles and core concepts that are used throughout the family of ISO 9000 standards. It details the foundations of quality management systems and what concerns their corresponding terminology.

In this sense, by modeling the processes, a workflow can be established concerning the functions that are fulfilled inside and outside the company.

It also seeks to implement the procedures. In the same way they are used to verify and track and measure processes and products. Especially with regard to the policies, the requirements for the product and the objectives set.

Through verification, information will be provided on the results obtained. This is done so that once they are known, action can be taken. In this way, actions can be taken to continuously improve the ways in which the processes are carried out.

Purpose of ISO 9000 Series Standards

  • It is sought that through the sum of functional efforts, business requirements can be captured to obtain better performance.
  • Another purpose when applying a Quality Management System is to facilitate communication. In the same way, it allows you to have the tools to identify the improvements that have arisen in the processes. This is done with the purpose that the objectives that have been set can be obtained.
  • It serves to organize the methods of continuous improvement with the Deming cycle. It consists of a methodology known as "Plan – Do - Verify - Act" (PHVA). It also allows to carry out the planning and guideline of the necessary objectives and processes.
  • This type of methodology serves to obtain the results according to the requirements that have been set by the client. In this regard, it takes into account the legal and regulatory requirements and also the policies of the organization.

How to use ISO 9001 Standards to implement a Quality Management System?

  • Identify the processes before the implementation of a Quality Management System.
  • They can be used to order the processes that are carried out in the organization, also taking into account the International Quality Standards, so that the companies in which they are used can be competitive.

This can also help them to have a good national and international image.

  • The services offered by companies can be optimized regularly because they focus on continuous improvement.
  • Inductions must be made throughout the organization by the management and the quality team, to implement quality management, looking for these workers to feel committed to companies.
  • To properly document the procedures used in each process, the business process modeling technique must be used, which is very favorable in organizations where there are many staff rotations.

If you want to learn how to use the ISO 9000, 9001 or 9004 standards and apply them, in our Online-thesis methodological consulting company, we have a trained staff that will help you comply with the guidelines you need to make quality management reports with these regulations.

ISO 9000 Quality Standards

ISO 9000 Quality Standards

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