Learning consists of the faculty that man possesses to assimilate and internalize a series of knowledge in a permanent way. They also have the possibility of using them in situations of daily life.

Thus, there are a number of techniques, methods and strategies that facilitate the teaching-learning process in the human being. So by applying them, people will have greater opportunities to acquire knowledge by studying in a simpler way.

What is a learning technique?

Learning techniques are activities that are done mechanically and assimilated through practice. In this way they can facilitate the internalization of knowledge when we learn.

In this sense, some of the best known learning and study techniques are underlining, note-taking and sketching. You can also use brainstorming, mind maps, concept maps, rereading some information, creating schedules, among others.

What is a learning method?

All training actions that seek to achieve the teaching of certain content, as well as the achievement of specific objectives, are considered Learning Methods.

Each method is unique and therefore pursues different objectives. However, in most cases, these methods usually appear combined as a set. This allows to develop skill and abilities according to a plan planned in the student body.

Among the learning methods that are often used, some of the best known are competency-based learning methods. Other popular ones are project-based learning methods.

What is a learning strategy?

Learning strategies are the set of means, techniques and activities that are planned based on the needs of a population. In the same way, it considers the objectives set and the nature of the areas or courses to be taught. This is to make the learning process more effective.

There are several types of learning strategies, among which we must mention the testing strategies, that are based on the repetition of written or oral content; likewise, the support strategies, whose purpose is to optimize the concentration, attention and motivation of people.

In addition, it’s necessary to highlight the comprehension strategies, which seek that individuals direct the behavior towards the learning agreed targets and organizational strategies, whose purpose is to group the information so that people can study it and assimilate it more easily.

In this sense, by employing the learning techniques, methods and strategies in an appropriate way, you will be able to do a thesis or other type of academic work in an extremely successful way.

How can I learn to use the various learning techniques, methods and strategies?

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Learning Techniques, Methods and Strategies

Learning Techniques, Methods and Strategies


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