Metacognitive Learning Strategies are one of the most powerful tools to carry out a Thesis. They allow students to be able to manage their information acquisition mechanisms.

In this sense, this type of Learning Strategies in particular, allows them to know which is the easiest way to learn when they are studying.

However, in academic studies there are many deficiencies that exist in the teaching of techniques, methods and resources that help students to improve their Knowledge Acquisition Processes and reflect on how they learn.

For this it's necessary that these take into consideration which are the Study Techniques and Learning Methods that most facilitate their studies and the Information Assimilation Processes they are learning at a given time.

So if what you want is to learn more about how to develop the Metacognitive Learning Strategies, don't forget to read these interesting news about it.

Benefits of using Metacognitive Learning Strategies

It's important that people take into account how they find it easier to internalize knowledge. In this way they can obtain a Meaningful Learning that is not only possible to apply at the academic level, but can also be used in personal life.

Therefore, Metacognitive Learning Strategies provide many benefits for those who know how to use them and make the most of them.

Metacognitive Strategies allow students to manage their Learning

By knowing what are the weaknesses and strengths that they have at the time of studying, the learners will be able to trace a path and design Study Methods that facilitate them to learn. Also they allow them to optimize their particular Learning Processes.

They develop student autonomy

 Development of student autonomy

Students should be able to be autonomous when they learn. So these types of Metacognitive Learning Strategies are highly recommended. Their approaches are based on their individual characteristics because they learn uniquely.

If the learners are aware of all the tools they have, they will not depend so much on the help of their teachers or other people. They can take care of their own study, using the techniques and methods that make their Learning Processes easier.

Likewise, by knowing clearly which are the mechanisms that facilitate the acquisition and assimilation of knowledge, students can write a Thesis or other type of academic work much more easily. Also they can develop them in a faster and more efficient way.

They can enhance all student skills

Metacognitive Learning Strategies allow students to reflect on how they learn more easily. Also allow the to develop more favorable mechanisms for regulating learning.

This is due to the fact that Metacognition is a process that empowers all the internal skills that people have to study. And if people know how they learn more easily, they can take advantage of the internal skills and abilities they possess in this regard.

Also, in what refers to the realization of a thesis or other type of academic works, they can be done in a more efficient way. They can optimize and maximize their knowledge acquisition mechanisms to improve their academic performance.

By knowing how to apply Metacognitive Learning Strategies, students will have less difficulty planning the structure and the development of this type of research because they will have greater cognitive abilities.

Recommendations for students to know how to use Metacognitive Strategies when doing a Thesis

Metacognitive Strategies when doing a Degree Thesis

  • Students must internalize around their Learning Processes. The have to reflect on what strategies they implement when they learn. And if they will achieve the results they have expected in their academic performance.
  • Once they know which are the Learning Methods and Techniques that can help them obtain good grades and assimilate knowledge in a way that is permanent and meaningful to them, they should start putting them into practice in their study habits.
  • If the learners realize that they have difficulties to learn by applying their usual Metacognitive Learning Strategies, they should try other Learning Methods. Also they have to evaluate if they show improvements in their studies.
  • These same tools should be applied when they are doing their academic works and Thesis, based on some methods to study. They can help many people regardless of whether their learning style is visual, auditory or kinesthetic.

In this sense, some of the most recommended Learning Techniques may be concept maps, mind maps, underlining, Gowin's v, among others.

This is due to the fact that these techniques for acquiring knowledge serve as very useful study tools for students. They help them to carry a structure and order during the development of their research.

  • Use a work journal, logbook or anecdotal record, among others. They are Data Collection Instruments that allow students to keep a sequence in their research processes during the realization of any academic work.
  • Do a work plan in which a schedule is established and in which the goals expected when carrying out these research works are annotated.

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