“An unskilled craftsman often blames his tools.” If you heard any version of this phrase, you may be applying it right now to your undergraduate thesis. The amount of information is so wide that you surely think that you do not have the right tools, to be able to capture what you have in mind. But even experienced writers need the inspiration and environment to keep writing. Accessing the keyboard every day isn’t easy, but finding the right tool can make it productive and satisfying. If you find the apps, tools, and writing resources that fit your writing needs, you can create a high-quality document. Below we recommend our favorites.

Microsoft Word, the most popular writing assistant

Microsoft Office has a word processor set to Microsoft Word. As one of the first word processors, Microsoft Word probably has the widest variety of format options. So if you need to write a document with lots of sections or headings, Word has you covered.

Grammarly, the identifier of grammatical and spelling errors

Grammarly products do more than identify grammatical and spelling errors. They also offer you detailed improvements in writing, focused on clarity, conciseness and tone. You can install Grammarly as an extension for Chrome, Safari or Firefox web browsers for free, or check out longer texts in Grammarly’s online editor. You also have the option of Grammarly Premium, a paid service, which provides deeper writing analysis, detects plagiarism, and offers style and vocabulary improvements.

Twords, the writing app that motivates you

Twords describes himself as “the web application that pushes you to write.” The application works according to three principles: awareness, responsibility and coherence. It makes you aware of your writing habits by tracking how much you write each day and month. Thus, they notify you when you lose several days of writing. You can also set a timer to challenge yourself to write for a specific period of time.

Evernote, the best you can sync across all your devices

Evernote is an app that you can sync across all your devices. For example, suppose you’re in the office and want to check out a website you saw at home. Or you’re at the gym and want access to a photograph or email. You can set up Evernote to monitor certain folders on your computers. Everything you add to the folder can be accessed from all your devices. You can even search for your notes and continue with your writing if you don’t remember where you saved something.

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Google Docs, the online writing tool

Google Docs is a well-known online wording and word processor. Its collaboration and organization features can help you write a draft and share it with your tutor to add feedback, for example. Google Docs allows you to store documents in Google Drive, allowing you to access these documents from anywhere.

Temi, the most well-known recording tool

Writers often use recording tools to turn their voice into text. This process is called transcription. Of the many transcription services on the market, Temi is arguably one of the best known. With just 10 cents per minute of audio, Temi records clear and accurate transcripts and you can transcribe your words anywhere, anytime. It’s perfect when you have a writing idea for your research and you’re stuck in traffic or don’t have access to your computer. Once the audio is recorded, Temi will email you a transcript in a matter of minutes.

Temi currently offers a free trial of their program. You can simply go to their website, www.temi.com, and upload an audio or video file to see how it works. Whether you use their free trial or choose to pay for the service, you’ll be able to edit your transcript at any time, export it as Word, PDF, and other files, and add timestamps. Temi can even recognize the voice change on any speaker in her recordings.

Freedom, the freedom to write

You may feel that every time you sit at the computer to type, your mind disperses. You end up on Facebook or sending messages to your fellow students. Or you decide to spend just five minutes checking your work email, which becomes two hours. As good as the internet is, it also allows a whole list of distractions to rob us of our valuable time. For many people, eliminating these distractions can be quite tricky. Freedom is a website blocker available for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. This application allows us to easily choose which sites or applications we need to block and continue with your writing in the most efficient way possible.

Scrivener, the writing tool for writing in stages

Scrivener is a word processing tool available for Windows, Mac, and iOS users. What makes Scrivener so unique, and popular, is the fact that it helps you at every stage of writing. It gives you the ability to write in several stages, so if you have several ideas you can jot them down, save them, and then move them where you need them later. You can even store notes, web pages, or even entire chapters of the project in smart folders to save them effectively and have them available when you need to.

Like Microsoft Word, you can edit documents, use creative fonts, access their number of words, and more. Unlike other word processors, however, the different ways Scrivener allows you to view text (along with other documents, on a full screen that blocks distractions and more) sets it apart.

Ulysses, the writing tool for Mac

Ulysses is a Mac-only writing tool that has many similarities to Microsoft Word and at the same time offers authors a completely unique writing platform. Something that separates Ulysses from other word processors is that it supports Markdown, a shortcut system that makes it easy to publish web content. If you’re a programmer or someone who finds yourself publishing frequent web content, you can use Markdown to read 48 different programming languages. Ulysses also allows you to set a word count goal for each writing session.

Hemingway, the best application for grammatical errors

While word processors offer spell checking tools, they can sometimes overlook grammatical errors. Hemingway,offers authors an option to check their grammar and spelling. Also, since it is offered for both Mac and Windows users, anyone can access this service.

Hemingway can even check passive voice usage, repetitive word usage, and more. The app will highlight different types of errors in separate colors, that way you can easily track what mistakes are being made and where they are occurring. Beyond editorial suggestions, Hemingway can provide you with reports on the readability and wording of your text, as well as the word count.

Vellum, to format your publication

Vellum is a Mac-only application that allows you to upload your own text, format it for eBooks or print copies and then export it for both eBook and print files. It has a very user-friendly interface. And with Vellum’s ability to generate books for Kindle, Apple, Nook, Kobo, Google, ePub format, and print, you can bring your book to as many readers as possible.

To use Vellum correctly, you’ll need to make sure your document is completely ready for publication. Think of this as the final step before your document is sent into the world! It is excellent when your thesis has obtained the Publication Mention. Vellum takes the text, wraps it in its final packaging, and creates what readers will see. Once you import the text (it must be in a Word file) into Vellum, you can add elements such as an epigraph, epilogue, or thank you page. You can also choose one of eight book styles for your format.

Since Vellum enables e-book files, you’ll be able to include links within your book. And with Vellum, your book’s margins, headings, fonts, and page numbers are resolved. Once you’re satisfied with its style options, you can use the preview option within Vellum to see how the document will look in a variety of formats.

StoryShop, the best if you are writing a book

StoryShop says it’s different than other writing tools because of its focus on “world building.” If you are writing a book, this is the tool for you. When you sign up for an account with StoryShop, it will direct you to its dashboard where you will choose or create a template for your book. The main focus here is storytelling and the idea that your story or book goes far beyond text. Although it is not used for theses or papers specifically, it may be helpful if the publication of a story is part of some of your special work in the career.

This app allows you to tag scenes that take place in certain places, keep track of relationships between characters, and create complete backstories about the people in the narrative.

Once you’ve written your story and completed your writing, you can invite contributors to view your book for editing. And besides, StoryShop can be accessed from anywhere (on your phone, computer or tablet) as it is stored in the cloud. Ultimately, StoryShop should be considered as a story creation tool. It’s creative, fun, and best suited to writers interested in using a word processor that will bring your story to life.


Writing tools and author apps can improve the process from start to finish. Whether you’re planning your thesis, in the process of writing, or editing the work, there’s an app designed to make things easier. Either way, at Online-tesis.com,we are here to help you in this process, whether you have a concrete idea or several loose ideas of what you want to do.

While we’re all familiar with their many challenges of doing a thesis, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the tools available that can make writing easier and more enjoyable. Do you have a writing and writing software tool that you recommend? Let us know in the comments.

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