Many people wonder how possible it is to carry out two university degrees, not knowing that it is the most common. You simply have to be on track for it to be executed effectively.

Studying two careers may seem complicated, but it is not, if your focus is clear on what you want to do.

What to study?


You must be clear about what you want to study, both as a main and secondary career. The main one corresponds to the one you would like the most, as well as the second your other option in taste levels.

We must be aware that both careers must be passionate about you so that it is possible to graduate from both.

The power to choose the career of your liking is up to you, no one else can make that decision.

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How do I organize myself studying two university degrees?

Organization is vital to be able to execute these two activities at the same time. two-university-degrees-organizes

And it is that the distribution of your schedules must be raised before making the decision to direct you in two university careers.

In this way, organize taking the classes of one university degree in the morning and the other in the afternoons; as well as from Monday to Friday one and the other Saturdays, you should be studied before deciding if doing a college duo is possible for you.

What should I do?

Having clear and desire to carry out your two university careers you must be aware that it will be hard work, but that it will not be impossible.


The important and most recommended thing you do is that you first look for all the necessary information about the universities you want to apply to, the benefits they bring and the different pensums they have. All to look for something that fits your needs.

In this way, nourishing yourself with information from the careers and institutions will be more than necessary to apply in undergraduate or postgraduate entities.

Knowing what terrain you are treading is paramount.

Therefore, you must mainly be clear about your needs, what you want to study and what fits what you need. Then being an inveterate curious will be more than enough for you to know and details the university where you want to study and the benefits it has. So that you can calmly launch the challenge of studying two careers at the same time.

Will I spend a lot of money studying two university degrees?

This also depends on the university or technical institution to which you apply, because the costs are not the same in all entities.

However, keep the thought that it’s going to be a long-term investment and that it’s not just a waste of money. Well, obtaining university degrees makes you a candidate for an important assent or position within your work environment for the knowledge acquired.

The fruits of making these two investments in parallel will be enjoyed in the future when professional benefits appear in your path.

Do I have to do two theses?

It all depends on the rules that govern the university where you are studying.

two-university-degrees However, most have as a requirement the completion and presentation of a degree work in order to expose the knowledge learned during the entire period in which you studied to practice a profession.

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In the same way, it is something that you can use to your advantage because by doing one you would have the prior knowledge at the time of doing the other, and with this, it will be of great help to the execution of the prepared research.

However, it is important that you also seek the corresponding advice so that this research leads you to a maximum, effective qualification for the presentation of the thesis, in any of your two careers. The important thing is that you will have previous knowledge for a second research project.

Therefore, when you need help for the realization, correction or execution of a degree project you can contact our team that is an expert in the area. You just have to go to the contact numbers and communicate your doubts in order to assist you, as well as provide you with the necessary help.

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