From the early childhood of kids in school, they are in contact with a variety of recreational activities that significantly improve their learning. It's vital that various Playful Learning Strategies are implemented to study and carry out a Thesis and other academic work.

If you are a teacher or a student who thinks that the game is also essential as a Learning Strategy in Higher Education, don't forget to read this article so that you permit yourself to experience the enthusiasm of learning in a way that is much more fun.

So using recreational activities in the Learning processes, produces in people of any age a fascination and charm that goes back to childhood or our little lost paradise, as this fascinating stage of our life is also known.

Role of the game in adults

There are many ways that exist to encourage students to feel confident and have the necessary motivation to demonstrate their skills and talents in Education. Applying Playful Learning strategies may become one of the most recommended options.

The teacher, as being responsible for stimulating learning, must generate and possess precisely a diversity of tools and Learning Methods. They can use the greatest amount and plurality of Educational Resources to obtain a higher quality in the Learning processes.

In this sense, the application of the art of playfulness in the processes of assimilation of knowledge and the realization of academic works, among these the Thesis, can be very favorable for students. They will learn in a more meaningful way and obtain a better academic performance.

Adults learn by playing

Adults learn by playing
As for the students, when in their classes they are in contact with innovative Learning Strategies and Techniques, they will enjoy them more because they will be memorable and meaningful. They will be able to be very valuable tools to do Academic Research.

Thus, through Playful Learning Strategies, not only they can become aware and internalize the programmatic contents that are developed. They can also create a Meaningful Learning.

Playfulness as a Learning Strategy

Playful as a Learning StrategyCreativity is one of the aspects that must be fundamental in classrooms. Given that if innovative Learning Methods are applied, implementing playfulness, students will be more motivated when assimilating the topics of the programs of the chairs that they attend.

Humanity is subject to new changes, so that technology has generated significant transformations in Education. It allows people to have greater facilities to access the information they want to know.

This is why, when talking about current Education, at the same time you think about homo videns. That is, the being who sees, who perceives, who glimpses and in the homo ludens, which is the being who plays, that has fun, that entertains.

Benefits of Playful Learning in Higher Education

Benefits of Playful Learning in Higher Education The University Education constitutes perhaps the last level of the formative experiences of the human beings in what refers to the academic area.

However, the fact that the individuals who are usually part of these educational environments are generally adolescents who are going through a transition to adulthood, as well as adults, is no reason for them to stop experiencing Learning processes focused on playfulness.

This is because, although at first glance it doesn't seem so, adults also feel the need to play, even if they are in a classroom. That playful activities provide incredible benefits in Higher Education in view of the fact that:

  • You will remember with nostalgia the childhood and the games that you practiced at this stage, reiterating the fact that playing can be a very entertaining way of learning.
  • The Playful Learning promotes the interaction of all the members of a classroom, being able to help strengthen the relations of solidarity and understanding between classmates. These individuals will feel more confident to share their opinions and ideas.
  • Participation in playful activities in a classroom, does not only help the entire community that makes up that educational environment together. It can also develop students' self-esteem, so that they feel more confident and lose their shyness.

Recommendations for applying Playful Learning

It is recommended that university students access to a Playful Education, so teachers should consider the application of the game as an effective way to learn.

The Teaching-Learning Process is growing steadily and requires a new expansion by all those involved. As time passes, it is noted that the new generations of students and teachers demand profound changes in the Pedagogical and Andragogical Models used.

Education is a permanent process and is present throughout life. Learning occurs in all the evolutionary psychological stages of the human being. In the case of the game, its implementation in the Initial Education is more frequent than in the Higher Education.

The ways to achieve Significant Learning are varied and are present in the contemporary vision of Holistic Learning. In this way the proposal consists in developing a Teaching-Learning Process that includes play in Higher Education, due to the multiple ways of learning that exist.

But to carry out a Thesis or other type of Academic Research, it is not only important to apply the Playful Learning Strategies. It is also vital to have academic advice such as those offered by our Online-thesis company.

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