To undertake and develop the arduous task of doing a thesis or other type of academic work, you must not only have bibliographic material at hand. At the same time it is convenient to apply relaxation andmeditationtechniques to experience a harmony between body and mind.

In this sense, there are a series of mental relaxation techniques that allow students to feel greater willingness and motivation. Thus they will be able to develop each of the steps to successfully comply with all the requirements to prepare a Thesis of Degree.

In this article, we bring you some news as far as some easy relaxation techniques are concerned. You can use them to feel calmer when you go to do an academic work, especially if it is to do a thesis.

5 Relaxation techniques that can help us to develop a Thesis

1. The relaxation

Feeling relaxed, will help considerably so that we can connect with our interior. This way we can learn in a simpler way because we will feel the mind much clearer.

Relaxation is a technique that provides many benefits to the mental and physical health of people, helping them to have a much healthier lifestyle. In the same way, they help you to have the possibility of having greater internal tools to develop in everyday life.

Exercise: The Puppet

The puppet is a practice to learn not to offer resistance to the various circumstances of life, being very simple to practice. You just have to imagine that we are hanging many threads from the ceiling and they are cut one by one to be able to feel the attraction of gravity.

When doing that exercise, the person should drop a little, enjoying experiencing that feeling that will help eliminate the resistance and learn how to relax.

2. The breath

If there is one thing that is essential in man, it is that he is able to breathe. This is because this is one of the vital functions for the body, being imperative that people know breathing techniques through which they learn to breathe correctly.

This is because as much as it may seem contradictory, many people spend their entire lives not knowing how to breathe properly. Fewer know the incredible benefits of practicing exercises for learning the breath.

Exercise: warm cool

To practice an excellent breathing technique, this exercise is very propitious and simple. It can be done in the mornings before you get up and get ready to carry out your day of daily activities.

The warm cool is ideal if you are going to work for a long time in the Elaboration of a thesis or another type of Academic Research.

When you practice breathing, you will relax and forget about distracting elements, as well as some aspects of your life that may be generating stress or discomfort.

To practice these specific techniques, you must execute a single step that consists of feeling the freshness of the air in your nose when you inspire and its warmth when you breathe. You should count the full breaths for a time of 3 minutes.

This way, when you are going to apply this technique, you can help yourself count the time using a stopwatch or the timer tool that many mobile phones have built-in.

3. The self-observation

This is one of the relaxation techniques that allows us to become aware of the relationship we have with our own human body and each of the organs that compose it, especially the heart and brain. In this way we can feel blended with each of the cells.

By recognizing the importance of the care and value that we give to the body, connecting with each of the atoms and cells we are composed by and internalize that the harmony between the mind and the body is vital, we can feel more willing to learn.

Exercise: Scanning

Scanning is a very propitious exercise to implement the technique of self-observation. It is very simple to experiment because you only have to prepare a folio with the silhouette of the human body drawn, have some colored pencils and perform the following steps:

The main thing is that we must put ourselves in a relaxed position. Preferably lying on the floor and barefoot.

Once we are relaxed, we will begin to review the state in which we feel each of the parts of our human body. We watched it from head to toe as if it were a scanner.

In the drawing we have made with the silhouette of the human body, we will reflect the negative emotions that we feel as cold, pain or tensions and in addition, the positive ones will also be shown.

Once we have reflected our feelings and bodily emotions in the drawing, we will ask ourselves how is my brain or head?. We try to notice if it is relaxed, tense, obfuscated, among others, manifesting that response with a drawing in the silhouette.

Later and to successfully culminate with the procedures applied in this technique, we will ask the same thing about our heart. We become aware of whether it is sad, cheerful, altered, accelerated, among others and as we did with the brain, in the silhouette we will also manifest it.

4. The visualization

Visualization is a technique that if is applied properly, allows students to connect with pleasant and positive situations that generate feelings of well-being and pleasure.

Likewise, this is one of the basic relaxation techniques to develop creativity and spontaneity. These are very useful aspects during the realization of Theses and other kinds of academic works.

Exercise: The ideal landscape

By practicing this exercise, students will be able to put visualization into practice, with which they will connect with very positive and flattering emotions and feelings.

This is an ideal exercise, especially if the learners are going through times of great pressure at the academic level. In this way to implement the ideal landscape, it is only necessary to imagine that you are in a dream landscape.

In addition, one of the key aspects to take full advantage of this practice is to give to the imagination permission to be able to detail all possible sensory impressions.

5. Mental silence

If there is one thing that often happens to us, it is that no more than we are silent, we cannot reassure our minds. Especially when we try to get rid of so many thoughts, especially if it comes to the annoying worries.

You have to try to develop a capacity for mental silence to know how to act in the presence of thoughts that are distracting or negative. Also in the moments in which we feel invaded by worries or problems that obfuscat us.

In this sense, it is no secret to anyone that negative thoughts usually generateconditions such as stress and anxiety, which if not controlled in time, can become very harmful to our physical and emotional health. In this regard, this technique serves to counteract these sensations.

Exercise: Numbers Screen

This exercise is punctual to be able to develop the technique of mental silence or to experience it completely. It is necessary to imagine that our head is a black or white screen on which the numbers from 1 to 7 are projected for five or six seconds each.

The purpose of this exercise is that in addition to developing concentration, people forget all the thoughts they have in their head. They should only focus their attention on each of the numbers that are projected on the screen that you have imagined.

But in addition to applying relaxation techniques when you are doing a thesis, it is also important to have excellent advice so that you can meet each of your expectations.

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Relaxation techniques to prepare a successful Thesis

Relaxation techniques to prepare a successful Thesis

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