The IEEE format, for reports and other types of academic papers, can be very useful in the various branches of Engineering, for which these Academic Writing Standards were specially devised.

In this news article, we show you how to make bibliographic references in the IEEE format, which are one of the most widely used standards in research related to these areas of knowledge.

However, when you are going to do a Thesis or write a book from one of these branches of Engineering, instead of using the IEEE format for reports, it is best to use the Chicago style of standards.

How should citations be produced within the text in IEEE reporting format?

When quoting within text in IEEE reporting format, a number must be used and must be enclosed in square brackets. This figure should be used as if it were a footnote, a noun or in any case, a complete reference.

This type of IEEE format for reports uses a citation that is numerical and is established according to the order of the documents mentioned throughout the work.

To properly use the IEEE format for reporting, it is important to consider the following regulations:

  • In the IEEE reporting format, references must be listed in the order in which they appear in the document.
  • Each number that has been used for a certain source must be used each time it is referred to in the text.
  • Reference numbers must be enclosed in square brackets.

Example 1:

This nuclear synthesis process has been known for a long time [3], although some elements remain to be clarified, as clearly demonstrated in [4].

  • The author does not need to be cited in the reference, unless it is considered important to mention it in the text and in that case, it can be done as will be reflected in the example that will be given below.

Example 2:

Keep in mind that Bubner [4] wrote his theory of the ship …

  • The date of publication of the reference should not be mentioned in the body of the document.
  • It is not required to write “in the reference [12]”…, but it is enough to say “in [27] …”
  • When more than one source is cited at the same time, it is recommended that each one have its own brackets.

Example 3:

Writing “Various studies [1], [4], [6] …” is preferable to using “Various studies [1, 4, 6] …”, because it can cause confusion in reading the work.

  • The square brackets will be placed inside the punctuation, leaving one space before the first square bracket and another one after the closing square bracket.
  • Other data such as pages, chapters, figures, among others, can be added, especially when a long document is to be cited.

To add this information, it is necessary to separate it from the correlative number with commas and indicate the data with its respective abbreviation (pp., Chap., Fig., Among others).

How to use the IEEE format for reports when preparing the list of references?

When making the reference list using the IEEE format for reports and other kinds of scientific and academic research, they must be written in English.

  • As it is the IEEE format for reports, the references that have been included in the text should be presented at the end of the document by creating a section called “References”.

This should be organized numerically, according to the order in which they appear in the document.


[1] B. Klaus and P. Horn, Robot Vision, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1986.

[2] L. Stein, “Random patterns,” in Computers and You, J. S. Brake, Ed.

New York: Wiley, 1994, pp. 55-70.


  • The purpose of the list of references used in the IEEE format to present reports is that it offers information that allows identifying the sources used during the preparation and justification of the work that has been prepared.
  • The citations that have been used during the writing of the document must have their corresponding reference in the list of references that will be made at the end of the text. It is also necessary that all the references added to this list appear in the text.
  • The data relevant to the citations used should be collected from the original document that was used at work. These have to be extracted mainly from the cover and using the original language when creating the respective quote.
  • To cite the authors’ names in the IEEE format for technical reports from the Engineering area, only their initials must be written.
  • When the citation contains more than three authors, only the first must be added and then et al.
  • If the text to be cited is anonymous, the title will be placed as the first element of the citation.
  • If the book belongs to an entity, its name must be copied exactly as it is written in the source.
  • In the IEEE reporting format, important words in books such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, or adverbs that form part of a book’s title, must have their initials capitalized.
  • Only the initial of the first word corresponding to the title of a chapter or article will be capitalized, with the exception of the case of proper names, acronyms, among others.
  • When the “v” of “Volume” is used, it will only be in upper case if it is a book, while for magazines it will be written in lower case.
  • Article title punctuation will be used within quotation marks in the IEEE reporting format.

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How to prepare bibliographic references in the IEEE format?

How to prepare bibliographic references in the IEEE format?

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