Action Research has positioned itself remarkably in recent decades. This is because there are phenomena that must be described and analyzed. For this, techniques such as observation areused. This is based on a point of view in which individuals are conceived as protagonist subjects.

This type of research in its beginnings was mainly used to provide answers to the problems that were trying to be understood through the Social Sciences, especially Sociology.

However, this type of research approach that has been very useful to transform educational practices, has also been very valuable in the field of health, the business world and the management of organizations.

What is Action Research?

Action Research is a type of qualitative study, which aims to generate transformations in those social spaces in which atypical behaviors are observed.

When conducting an Action Research, it is sought that the problems that are evidenced in a specific environment, can be improved. This is achieved through the awareness of the actors that are part of these particular spaces.

It can transcend the academic field and has also been used to carry out community, cultural, business and health transformations, among others, such as cooperative Action Research.

This motivates its approach to be more practical than theoretical, transcending the frontiers of paper and with its application, a given environment is described as a community, classroom, company, union, cultural group, among others.

This part of the realization of a diagnosis, whose information will serve as a basis for creating an Action Plan with a view to transforming the problem evidenced.

Action Research is purposeful

More than objectives, Action Research is purpose-based. Its foundations focus on problems confined to specific areas and with a generally very limited set of actors.

. When doing an Action Research project,the implementation of an Action Plan that has generated remarkable social changes, can serve as a model to be implemented on a larger scale.

How is an Action Research developed?

A qualitative Research Action methodology, in its essence is launched through the implementation of a set of steps that will facilitate the development of this type of studies, having the possibility of changing the approach that has been raised if the results are not as expected.

1. Problematization

The problem to be addressed must be based on the improvement of some practices which, in terms of the way in which they are implemented, are inconsistent.

It should be mentioned that this kind of qualitative Action Research aims at the transformation of certain social environments. Here it is evident that there may be practices with the potential to be substantially improved.

Action Research dives into the description of specific environments. This in order to propose solutions based on groups or communities. They have behaviors confined to characteristics that are linked to a certain context.

2. Diagnosis

In order to further understand the problems that will be addressed in the Action Research project, a diagnosis must first be made.

For this, it is advisable to take into consideration the information provided by the subjects who develop in the environment that is proposed to modify.

It is important that this information is true and obtained after having used some techniques and instruments of Action Research for the collection of information. Here you can use structured and unstructured interviews, anecdotal records field notes, participant observation, among others.

Diagnosis is one of the essential procedures of any Action Research project. From this, the purposes of the research can be raised and an Action Plan or General Research Plan can be designed. This is done with the aim of modifying what is evidenced as problematic.

Rather than having a defined theme, when an Action Research project is done, the problems that are evidenced in a given place will be assessed. In the same way, the aspect that will be addressed will arise after the diagnosis is made will be taken into account.

3. Design a change proposal

Once a Diagnosis of the Situation has been made, it is recommended to develop an Action Plan that reflects the practices that will be implemented to transform the reality described.

4. Implement a proposal

The proposal made in the Research Purposes must be put into practice. It is important that it is always subject to their respective processes of analysis, evaluation and reflection.

5. The evaluation

By applying this process, the results of the research will be visible. It will be obsessed both with regard to the successes, as well as with the consequences that each of the actions implemented may have generated. They will have been implemented to improve the problem that was being attempted to transform.

This particular procedure serves as evidence of the scope of the investigations. In the same way, it will be possible to verify the consequences of the actions that have been undertaken and the way in which they make it possible to improve the realities.

When evaluations are carried out, there may be a need to consider changes that merit re-formulation of the problem. Either because it has been modified or because new focuses of attention have been created that must be attended to.

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What is Action Research for?

What is Action Research for?

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